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Bacharach, Inc.

Bacharach, Inc. provides a full line of advanced test and measurement instruments for the HVAC/R industry. The company has a well-deserved reputation for developing reliable and superior technology. Since 1909, Bacharach, Inc. has initiative strategic development initiatives to propel its designs and technology. The company considers education, innovation, and research to be mainstays of its work ethic. Bacharach also engages in strategic acquisition to broaden its product offerings and its reach into the global market. To help raise awareness of the HVAC industry and the proper use of Bacharach products, Bacharach posts a wealth of information on their main website to educate consumers.

The development of Bacharach, Inc.

Founded in 1909, Bacharach has over 100 years of experience in design and development of industrial technologies. Since its founding, Bacharach has engaged in a series of acquisitions that helped to build its brand and expand its product range. As the times have changed, Bacharach has adjusted its business practices and worked to improve its product offerings for the modern consumer. The company recently expanded its sales team and has introduced several new monitors and analyzers to the global market. With Bacharach, Inc., consumers can feel confident that they are receiving the very best equipment that is backed by over 100 years of industry research and experience.

Bacharac, Inc. products

Bacharach, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and services a wide range of products for the HVAC/R industry. Their products are designed for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. In addition to their line of refrigerant recovery equipment, the company offers a range of products that detect, measure, and record combustion, refrigerant, environmental gases, and air quality and safety parameters (such as temperature and humidity). Some of their major products offered include

  • Combustion analyzers
  • Indoor air quality measurement instruments
  • Fixed gas monitors
  • Leak detection instruments
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment
  • HVAC tools
  • And more