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Gasco Gas

Gasco Calibration Gas

Gasco Affiliates, LLC manufactures Precision Calibration Gas Mixtures. The company has the ability to provide a wide range of non-refillable gases and gas mixtures for calibration, which is the company’s specialty. Some of their gases and mixtures include ultra high pure nitrogen, complex 4 gas mixtures, and highly reactive gas mixtures. To best serve its customer base, Gasco Affiliates, LLC offers a variety of cylinder sizes. This helps to ensure that customers are able to purchase and pay for exactly what they need and not more.

Because of the company’s dedication to gas calibration and gas detection technologies, the experts as Gasco have unparalleled knowledgeable in portable gas monitors, fixed gas detection systems, indoor air quality monitors, continuous emission monitoring systems, infrared gas detection, process gas chromatographs, ion mobility spectrometers, photo ionization detectors, flame ionization detectors, and so much more. In order to be the experts in calibration and gas mixtures, the experts at Gasco have made themselves experts in the entire industry. Most importantly, sharing their expertise is part of their customer service experience. For over 25 years, the company has dedicated itself to bringing value to its clients by producing the highest quality products that meet customer needs while setting the industry benchmark for ingenuity and internal design.

Customer Service

Gasco has over 40 years of experience in gas detection, and the company offers products for a very specific market: calibration gas. However, their expertise is broad and all encompassing. Their customer service team of experts can be reached by a variety of mediums including online forms and email. In an effort to provide their customers with as much information as possible, the company website also provides a Material Safety Data Sheet for each of its products through an easily identifiable link. Gasco Affiliates, LLC prides itself in being dependable and flexible so that it may meet all of its clients’ needs. According to its customers, Gasco has the very best customer service in the entire industry!

Gasco Affiliates, LLC Products

Gasco Affiliates, LLC specializes in difficult reactive gas mixtures. With all of its industry experience, clients can be certain that their product will be stable and high quality. The company also uses high quality cylinders that exceed customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Their precision and quality also meets NIST standards. Additionally, Gasco produces an Ecosmart Refillable Cylinder for greener clients. To house the cylinders, the company offers several versions of carrying cases including a durable hard carrying case with foam inserts, a canvas carrying case/bag, and a molded plastic carrying case. Some of their other products include

  • Single gas mixtures
  • Multi-gas mixtures
  • 4 gas mixtures
  • A variety of regulators
  • Accessories