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Crowcon Gas Monitors

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Crowcon Detection Instruments

Crowcon Detection Instruments is dedicated to providing the safest and most reliable gas safety solutions. Crowcon has been in business for over 40 years and has developed a reputation for manufacturing technologically advanced high quality products. The company has a worldwide presence and vast network of distribution partners all over the globe. Development and production proudly uses the Six Sigma production principles. Crowcon Detection Instruments is also a part of the Industrial Safety Division of Halma.

Crowncon’s Industries

Crowcon is a trusted manufacturer for a wide range of applications and industries. Some of their more notable industries include oil and gas, water, steel, winery, and brewery. However, Crowcon does not limit its applications to just these. Within each industry, the company offers a wide range of products that are specifically designed to meet its needs. Recognizing the need for customization and preferential design, Crowcon uses industry tested designs and innovative technology to offer cutting edge safety solutions for industrial applications.


Halma is an international group with companies in 23 countries. The company has a long history of operations starting in 1894. Halma has evolved since then and now operates primarily to protect human and capital assets. The company is consistently expanding as it grows through acquisitions and natural expansions. Halma now owns nearly 40 subsidiary companies. The trends of acquisition tend to involve small to medium sized manufacturing companies. Although these companies are acquired by Halma, they typically operate independently and locally through Halma’s decentralized management structure.

Main Product Offerings

Crowcon offers a wide range of gas and safety solutions for industrial applications. From personal detectors to single and multi gas detectors, Crowcon has it all:

  • Portable gas detectors
  • Personal single gas monitors
  • Personal multi gas monitors
  • Confined space monitors
  • Temporary Area Monitors
  • Remote gas detectors
  • For over 40 years Crowcon has developed its reputation as a manufacturer of safe, reliable, and effective gas detection systems. With an eye for technical innovation, the experts at Crowcon work diligently to deliver reliable and effective products that successfully integrate innovative technology with the modern workplace.