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Wireless fixed point gas detectors

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Wireless Fixed Point Gas Detectors

Companies and work safety managers have a significant interest in protecting their employees and ensuring optimal levels of workplace safety. These companies and managers are constantly seeking the latest technology with the highest safety standards that are within their budgets. In the current market, companies offer numerous safety solutions that help to address this issue and provide companies with the most reliable safety products and solutions. Wireless fixed point gas detectors are a common atmospheric safety solution in today’s workplace. The equipment is typically easy to install, maintain, and operate. Many of these instruments are also available with standard accessories and tutorials for new users.

Wireless Fixed Point Gas Detectors

Fixed point gas detection solutions have been available on the market for many years. As technology advanced, the integrity of the products improved greatly. Today, fixed point gas detection systems incorporate some of the most advanced technology and offer numerous features that improve the functionality of the gas detection system. One such inclusion is the addition of wireless features.

These wireless fixed point gas detectors are strategically placed in locations all over the worksite. As the day progresses, the gas detector transmits data and information to a database for accurate record keeping. Simultaneously, the information is rapidly processed. If the equipment or the central database recognizes that the readings are within the previously specified ranges, the detection systems will initiate alarms and alert those nearby of the potential hazards. Each individual detection system has its own software, alarm, and record keeping features, so be sure to review the product specifications before making a purchase.


These wireless fixed point gas detectors require maintenance and care. Each unit is different and may require a different level of maintenance than other instruments. Regardless, users should inspect the equipment regularly and monitor the central database for any potential issues. Many of the wireless fixed point gas detectors will alert users when the equipment is malfunctioning or needs testing. Again, consult the product sheet or manufacturer for specific information about specific detectors.

Major Product Offerings

Several companies offer different versions of wireless fixed point gas detectors. Additionally, each version of a wireless system may have accessories and replacement parts that are sold separately. The accessories can help users customize the equipment to their specific worksite. Some of the major products include:

  • The Rig Rat III Gas Detectors and Accessories
  • The OI-6900 Gas Sensor Transmitter
  • The OI-7010 Receiver Controller Monitor