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Fixed System Gas Monitors

Fixed System gas monitors are permanently installed and usually are powered on DC voltage. Most have a 4-20 Ma output which can interfaced with other 4-20 ma devices and controllers. On board relays can also be used to turn on and off such equipment as fans, alarms, etc.

Fixed Systems Gas Monitors

Many worksites need more gas detection and monitoring than just personal and portable gas detection systems. These worksites may then implement a fixed systems gas monitor. With a fixed systems gas monitor, worksites may install the monitor at various predetermined and specified locations throughout the site. Most of the newer models of fixed systems are easy to install and require very little installation time. Once the monitors are installed, the devices either store data or send the data to a computer. For some of these systems, the computer may even be offsite and receive the data. With this data, users can monitor, assess, and evaluate the atmospheric conditions of the site. They may be able to spot trends, identify problems, and thwart future issues. Additionally, the systems may also be rigged with alarms that will notify everyone on the worksite when specified gas ranges are outside their predetermined ranges.

Fixed Systems Gas Monitor Features

Depending on the product and manufacturer, the fixed systems gas monitor may come with a variety of features that help to enhance the user experience and provide greater customization. Some of the newer devices may come standard with extensive or advanced record keeping capabilities, depending on the standard software. The fixed systems gas monitor may even be wireless. In that case, the individual unit will automatically transfer data to an onsite or offsite computer, as specified by the user. In many cases, the fixed system and software will run a variety of reports that will aid in the assessment of worksites. With other systems, you will find that the monitor features compatibility aspects that enable the unit to integrate easily with existing products and systems. There are a wide variety of fixed systems gas monitors that host an exhaustive list of feature offerings. Because of the breadth of options available and their customization allowances, worksites are able to choose a fixed systems gas monitor that meets their exact needs.

Fixed Systems Gas Monitor Products

Fixed systems gas monitors can be either temporary or permanent detection solutions. Additionally, there are numerous companies that develop, design, and manufacture the gas monitoring systems. Each company has its own benefits and customer service offerings. In addition to the fixed gas monitoring systems, the manufacturers may also offer a wide range of replacement parts and accessories. When choosing the most suitable gas monitoring system for your worksite, consider the manufacturer, the system features, its customization abilities, budget, and the availability of accessories and replacement parts. Some of the major fixed systems gas monitor products include

  • The Series 3000 accessories and replacement parts
  • Digital gas controllers
  • The Beacon Series Wall Mount Controller
  • The RM Series accessories and replacement parts
  • Paper tape monitors
  • Flame detectors
  • Nimbus accessories
  • And much more