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Detector Identification

Detector Identification

The Detector Identification section provides information about the detector, current firmware revision, and hardware revision. Data can also be entered (25 characters per line) to display as a startup message on the detector LCD each time it is activated.

Installing Fleet Manager

Figure 3. Detector Identification

Serial Number

Enter the serial number of the detector. The serial number is located on the back of the detector. The serial number is listed above the S: bar code. This cannot be altered.

Installing Fleet Manager

GasAlertMicroClip serial numbers use the KA serial number prefix.

Hardware/Firmware Revision

Hardware/Firmware Revision cannot be altered. The field automatically populates when data is retrieved from the detector. If new firmware is downloaded to the detector, the field automatically updates when data is retrieved.

The firmware version displays on the detector LCD during the startup self-tests.

Installing Fleet Manager

Startup Message

Enter text (25 characters per line) to display on the detector LCD during startup. Enter information such as employee name, plant, area, emergency numbers, etc.

Depending upon the length of the message, it will either.

a) display on the LCD for 3 seconds (shorter message), or

b) scroll twice on the LCD (longer message).