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GasAlertMicro 4 End of Life Announcement; Replaced by the Quattro Product

GasAlertMicro 4 End of Life Announcement; Replaced by the Quattro Product Update:

The BW GasAlertMicro 4 Monitor pictured below will no longer be available after 30 September 2010. 
BW will continue to support the Micro 4 with replacement sensors and parts for the standard 2 year warranty period. 

The BW Micro 4 and the Honeywell Minimax X4 (already obsolete) are being replaced by the BW Quattro Monitor Honeywell X4, BW Micro 4, BW Quattro.

Please update your websites, catalogs, etc, with the Quattro and remove the Micro 4 and Minimax X4 in preparation for this upcoming change.

The Quattro with Alkaline Battery is the same list price as the Micro 4 - $695 but it is also a far superior unit in terms of sensors, run time, ease of use, and new features such as Intellisense and Reflex technology.

Advantages of the Quattro are:

4 channel monitor with 4 sensors while the Micro is a 3 channel monitor that uses an H2S/CO combo sensor. 
SureCell H2S and CO sensors are superior in very cold/dry and hot/humid conditions. 
SureCell is a patented and proven Honeywell sensor in use for several years.
Run time on rechargeable batteries is 21 hours at 70 degrees F.  Alkaline batteries can also be used.
Larger LCD Screen and graphics
One button, easy to use
Intellisense – Green flashing light indicates unit is on, calibrated and bump tested.

Reflex Technology – monitor continuously self checks sensors, battery, circuit, memory