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Testo 570-1 Refrigeration System Analyzer (RSA) Kit - 0563 5703

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Testo 570-1 Refrigeration System Analyzer (RSA) Kit - 0563 5703

Testo 570-1 Refrigeration System Analyzer (RSA) Kit - 0563 5703


0563 5703 570-1 Refrigeration System Analyzer (RSA) Kit by Testo

Your toolcase is probably heavy, and filled with many useful helpers for your daily work. In the future, the new testo 570 will replace several of these tools. Because it is the robust expert for all imaginable measurements on a refrigeration system or heat pump with one instrument. Whether for pressure, temperature or current, you benefit from the extensive analysis possibilities and numerous technical features for all measurement tasks on a system. The testo 570-1 set contains one clamp probe, a calibration protocol and batteries.

One instrument, multiple benefits

The digital manifold testo 570 offers you all you need for your work on refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The internal data store of the testo 570 replaces manual work steps, thanks to the clear and easily understood documentation option of a measurement. Carry out long-term measurements or record data in real time, and present them graphically. The easy operation of testo 570 makes this possible. Apart from this, errors can be found and rectified more quickly in cases of malfunction. Manual documentation is a thing of the past. Measurement results can be traced, and reports called up, at any time.

Kits includes:

  • 570 Refrigeration System Analyzer
  • 0613 5505 - 2 Clamp probes (NTC)
  • 0449 0047 - USB cable
  • 0516 5700 - Hard carry case

  • 4-way valve block with 4 connections, 4 hose parkers and sight glass
  • Integrated vacuum measurement supports evacuation of the system
  • Heat pump mode and display of high and low pressure as well as temperature
  • Temperature-compensated tightness testing
  • Additional calculation of superheating and subcooling
  • Computer-supported monitoring of a system with up to 999h of measurement value recording
  • “EasyKool” software with extended features
  • Refrigerant management and administration of exact filling levels
  • 40 refrigerants stored
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C
Operating temperature -20°C to 50°C
Display LCD
Life > 40 h (wthout illumination)
Dimensions 280 x 135 x 75 mm
Weight approx. 1200g (without batteries)
Pressure media HCFC, CFC, N, CO2, H2O
Pressure Low pressure: 50/50 bar (rel)
Overload: LP/HP: 52 bar
Accuracy (at 22 °C): 0.5% fs (±1 digit)
Resolution: 0.01 bar / 0.1 psi
Connections: 3 x 7/16“ UNF + 1 x 5/8“ UNF
Temperature Measuring range: - 50 to +150°C
Resolution: 0.1 °C/0.1 °F
Accuracy (at 22 °C): ±0.5°C (± 1 digit)
Probe connections: 3 x plug-in (NTC)
Meas. range (rel.) Measuring range: -1 bar to 0 bar
Resolution: 1mbar/ 1hPa/ 0.5Torr/ 0.5.5inH2O/ 100Pa/ 500Micron
Accuracy (at 22 °C): 1 % fs
Refrigerants in instrument R12, R22, R123, R134a, R227, R290, R401A, R401B, R402A, R402B, R404A,R406A, R407A, R407C, R408A, R409A,R410A, R411A, R413A,R414B, R416A,R417A, R420A, R421A, R421B, R422A,R422B, R422D, R424A, R427A, R434A,R437A, R438A, R502, R503, R507,R600, R600a, R718 (H2O), R744 (only in the permitted range up to 40 bar), R1234yf
Documentation Printer: IR printer
Data store in instrument: record up to 999 h measurement values
Optional software: EasyKool

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