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MSA Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Steel - 10076724

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MSA Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Steel - 10076724
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MSA Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Steel - 10076724

MSA Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Steel - 10076724


10076724 Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Steel by MSA

When working in settings with hazardous gases or fluctuating oxygen levels, the available gas detection devices can be detrimental to health and safety. Workers in these situations need a gas detection unit that is reliable, accurate, safe, and cost efficient. Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector is built to the superior safety and quality standards of MSA and is available worldwide.

Rough and tough exterior

The unitís polycarbonate and rubberized casing ensures the deviceís longevity and durability. The gas detector is designed to withstand accidental drops and is highly water and dust resistant. The rubberized design seals the unit from unwanted debris, and the ultra strong suspension clip ensures that the device remains in place during the roughest circumstances.

Design simplicity

The high functioning single gas-detecting unit is met with design simplicity. The easy to use Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector features a true single button operation and intuitive functioning. With the press of a single button, users can power on and off the unit, activate the backlight, activate infrared communication technology, display software and alarm information, initiate a bump test, initiate calibration, manually change alarm settings, and much more. Using advanced technology and intuitive design, the Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector is an industry leader in function and simplicity.

Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector standard features

The Pro Single-Gas Detector offers a variety of standard functions and features. The unit is available in models for CO, H2S, O2, NH3, CI2, CI02, NO2, SO2, HCN, and PH3. Like other MSA gas detection products, this product offers a triple alarm system that alerts users to possible gas hazards regardless of hearing or visual impairments. Using audible alarms of greater than 95 decibels, ultra-bright LED lights, and vibration alerts, the unit is certain to alert users and those nearby of a dangerous situation. The unit operates with 20 Series oxygen and toxic sensors that are both fast-responding and reliable. Additionally, monitored information is prominently displayed on the unitís large backlit LCD screen.

The Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector is also compatible with the Remote Oxygen Detector application. The remote oxygen sensor is designed to be lowered into remote locations by a 10 foot cable and monitor oxygen levels, further reducing unnecessary risk. The Pro Single-Gas Detector is also compatible with many other MSA products. For testing and calibration, the Altair QuickCheck Station provides an easy and cost-efficient way to perform daily tests for gas monitoring and alarm functioning. For more complete and automatic calibration and record-keeping, use the Altair Galaxy Automated Test System.


Including the durable suspension clip, the Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector is easily portable weighing 4 ounces and with a compact design. The standard battery life for the unit is greater than 1 year and is easily replaceable. Replacement batteries are readily available through a variety of commercial vendors. The Pro Single-Gas Detector also records the most recent 50 events, and records high and low oxygen levels every three minutes in a periodic data log. To obtain assessments, link the unit to the MSA infrared adapter. Replacements for batteries and sensors are widely available. With replacement parts, the unit has an indefinite lifespan.
Weight 4.0 oz including clip
Dimensions 3.4” x 2.0” x 1.0”
Gases and Measuring Ranges
Carbon Monoxide
0-1500 PPM
Alarms Average > 95 dB @ 30 cm, ultra-bright LEDs, vibrating alarm standard
Warranty 2 years not including battery
Instrument life Indefinite with sensor and battery replacements. Sensor guaranteed for at least two years of operation
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +50º C (-4 to +122º F)
Battery Replaceable CR2 lithium camera battery (9000 hour installed life - typical)
Case Polycarbonate with thick rubberized shell
Display Large LCD with backlight
Humidity 10-95% RH non-condensing
Ingress Protection IP67
Data Logging 50 latest events in session log
Peak value every 3 minutes in periodic log (adjustable)
Certifications US and Canada: Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D
Europe: ATEX II 2G EEx ia IIC T4 -20ºC to +50ºC
Australia: Ex ia IIC IIC T4 -20ºC to +50ºC

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