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GfG GMA 101-R Single Channel Rack Mounted Controller Card Includes Features 4-20mA Output, Relays - 2121011
GfG GMA 101-R Single Channel Rack Mounted Controller Card Includes Features 4-20mA Output, Relays - 2121011GfG GMA 101-R Single Channel Rack Mounted Controller Card Includes Features 4-20mA Output, Relays - 2121011

GfG GMA 101-R Single Channel Rack Mounted Controller Card Includes Features 4-20mA Output, Relays - 2121011

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    2121011 GMA 101-R Single Channel Rack Mounted Controller Card Includes Features 4-20mA Output, Relays by GfG

    Stationary gas monitoring systems

    In many industrial operations, toxic or combustible gases and vapors or oxygen deficiency can be hazardous to personnel and disruptive to production. Even small amounts of some materials can cause dangerous situations. Both legal regulations and your responsibility to your workers demand continuous, responsive, and reliable monitoring for such dangerous gases. Only a fixed gas warning system like the GMA 100 II provides the security of a round-the-clock gas monitoring without the expense of manual measurement by your staff.

    Control module GMA 100 II

    The GMA 100 II stationary gas warning system is comprised of a control module and a remote sensor (MWG). The sensor continuously monitors the gas concentration and sends a signal via cable to the GMA 100 II control module for evaluation. The GMA 100 II constantly monitors its own operational status and powers the remote sensor.

    Immediate recognition and warning of gas hazards

    The GMA 100 II provides three alarm levels that can be used to initiate appropriate responses to gas hazards. The pre-alarm, for example, warns of low gas concentrations, indicating leaks, before dangerous situations occur. The other two main alarm thresholds indicate direct danger requiring immediate action. Alarm levels can be variably adjusted within the detection range and adapted to changing requirements. Every threshold can be set to latching / non-latching and resettable / non-resettable alarm points.

    Quick reaction means increased safety

    Every control module provides optional voltage-free relays for the three alarms and for fault warning. The relays may be used for controlling external alarm devices like beacons or buzzers, or they can activate specific counter measures (closing valves or turning on a fan) to eliminate the danger from gases or vapors. The GMA 100 II is flexible enough to accommodate your individual requirements. Every relay can be either a normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) contact, and works in either closed or open circuit operation.

    Easy Handling

    A keypad controls the display of detection range, gas and units. Relays can be controlled and checked individually. No special tools or instruments are required. Alarm levels and calibration are set with push button menu control—mechanical fine tuning with potentio meters is a thing of the past.

    Single or collective alarm

    The GMA RB relay module and the GMA SW key-operated switch allow you to group several control modules. The key-operated switch suppresses alarms during servicing.

    In addition to the collective alarm, each controller can have up to four relays which can activate or deactivate electrical devices such as exhaust fans, valves, alarm horns or lights.

    Protected against power failure

    In case of a power failure, the optional battery back-up NAV takes over automatically and without delay to preserve safety. The NAV slides directly into the rack; no additional wiring is required.

    More than 100 GfG sensors—safety for all gas hazards

    GfG Instrumentation’s array of powerful and dependable remote sensors (MWG) provide a safe and reliable solution for individual detection tasks.

    Combustible gases

    Where combustible gases may build up to explosive concentrations, GfG Instrumentation offers a variety of monitoring techniques.

    Toxic gases

    Specially selected GfG sensors provide reliable monitoring of areas where toxic gases and vapors may be present.


    Electrochemical sensors ensure reliable protection from hazards caused by oxygen deficiency or surplus.

    GfG’s remote sensors are available for more than 100 gases. Every remote sensor can be connected to the GMA 100 II. A simple calibration with a laptop rapidly configures the GMA 100 II to almost all requirements.

    Monitoring four detection points simultaneously: GMA 100 / 4

    The model GMA 100 / 4 has all the features of the GMA 100 II, and can operate four remote sensors simultaneously on one control module. This allows the configuration of a lowcost and space-saving gas monitoring system for multiple detection points.


    • Flexible, customizable, and economical
    • Microprocessor controlled for all monitoring tasks
    • Easy to operate


    • G300 Detector
    • Specified sensor
    • Alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMH battery pack as specified
    • Charger (with rechargeable battery pack only)
    • Fixed gooseneck (with alkaline battery pack only)
    • Manual

    Gas Depending on remote sensor: combustible and toxic gases and vapors, oxygen
    Detection range Depending on requirements: % LEL, % volume, ppm, mg / m3
    Ambient temperature +14 to +131°F / -10 to +55°C
    Humidity 30 to 96 % r.h.
    Power supply 230 / 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz
    24 VDC
    Battery back-up
    Power consumption Maximum 10 VA
    Input signal 0.2-1 mA or 4-20 mA
    Display 3 digit LED display for measurement values and service menu
    1 LED green operation status
    1 LED yellow fault
    3 LEDs red alarm 1, 2 and 3
    Output signal 4-20 mA (standardized signal),
    4 voltage-free relays for alarm and fault
    Contact load 1,000 VA, 4 A, voltage-free relays
    Function keys 4 keys for all settings, e.g. alarm levels, calibration
    Casings Wall mount casings for 2, 4, 7, 12, 24 or 36 controllers
    Panel mount casings for 2, 4 or 7 controllers
    19-inch racks for 12 controllers
    Cabinets for large systems
    Weight 21.7 ounces (620 grams)
    Dimensions 5x1.4x6.8 inches (128x35x172 mm) (HxWxD)

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