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AquaPhoenix MD 600 Photometer - 214020

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AquaPhoenix MD 600 Photometer - 214020
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AquaPhoenix MD 600 Photometer - 214020

AquaPhoenix MD 600 Photometer - 214020


214020 MD 600 Photometer by AquaPhoenix

With the modern design of the MD 600 we have succeeded in combining the mobility of a portable photometer with the characteristics of a modern laboratory photometer. This unit covers all the important parameters of water analysis, from aluminium to zinc. The high level of accuracy of Lovibond® reagents and the user-friendly nature of the instrument guarantee rapid and reliable analysis of your water samples. Depending on the application, the unit will operate with tablet reagents, powder packs, liquid reagents or tube tests (16 / 13 mm). The MD 600 operates with 6 interference filters and uses long-life LEDs as a light-source. No moving parts are involved.

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