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GfG 2  GMA 313 & GMA 313EQ Stand-Alone System, Complete Set with External Alarm/Reset - 2313003-1

GfG 2 GMA 313 & GMA 313EQ Stand-Alone System, Complete Set with External Alarm/Reset - 2313003-1

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    2313003-1 2 GMA 313 & GMA 313EQ Stand-Alone System, Complete Set with External Alarm/Reset by GfG

    State of the Art Technology

    The best solution for CO2 monitoring fromthe specialists in gas detection. The GMA 313 indicates a gas hazard immediately and reliably. The built-in alarm LED and loud horn provide a warning before entering the room. The external alarm GMA 313 EQ also gives a warning wherever you want it, e.g. at the stairway or at the bar. The GMA 313 offers state-of-the-art sensor and microprocessor technology from a compact unit.

    The sensor and electronics, horn and lights are integrated in one enclosure, thus saving installation costs. The robust casing is splashwater proof (IP 54), so splash-water cannot enter and damage the monitor. Thermostat control and temperature compensation of the sensor ensure reliable measurements and safety even in case of sudden temperature changes.

    Low Maintenance and Long Lifetime

    The infrared (NDIR) sensor has a considerably longer lifetime than an electrochemical CO2 sensor. The GMA 313 is low maintenance, robust, and reliable. Installation of the GMA 313 is very simple, just plug it into a standard 110 v ac wall outlet.

    Infrared Principle

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbs light in the infrared range of the spectral. The NDIR technology of GfG's sensor detects the carbon dioxide concentration precisely and reliably. The infrared light emitted by a lamp passes through the gas sample. Carbon Dioxide absorbs the light in a narrow spectral range.

    The remaining light is measured at the detector. The difference between emitted and detected light is proportional to the gas concentration. Water vapor and other gases, which may be presenting the sensor chamber, do not affect the light absorption in this spectral range.

    Safe detection results, even with temperature changes. Precise optical measurement ensures the best accuracy and repeatability. The IR principle is as distinct as a fingerprint in criminology.

    This means that only carbon dioxide is detected, thus eliminating false alarms from interfering gases. GfG Products use electronics with voltage stabilization and temperature compensation.

    This results in stable measurement vales even with considerable temperature variations.

    The GMA 313 has no moving parts which could be subject to wear and tear. This ensures a long lifetime and reduced service requirements. Permanent self-check of functional capability provides additional safety. Sensor and electronics are protected by a robust enclosure (IP 54).

    Gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
    Range 0 to 5 % volume
    Detection Principle Non dispersive infrared (NDIR)
    Thermostat-controlled = no effect from temperature variations.
    No condensation of humidity = no false measurement values.
    Gas Supply Diffusion
    Alarm Threshold First alarm: 1.5 % volume not latching
    Second alarm: 3 % volume latching
    Internal Alarm Horn, 95 dB (at 1 ft.)
    Relays, 250 V, 5 A
    Humidity 0 to 99 % r.h.
    Pressure 700 to 1,300 hPa
    Ambient Temperature 14 to 110°F (-10 to +45°C)
    Casing Protection IP 54
    Lamps Red LED flashing: first alarm
    Red LED lit: second alarm
    Green LED: power
    Yellow LED: fault
    Power Supply 115 V
    Dimensions 4x4x2.25 inches (100x100x58 mm) (HxWxD)
    Weight 70 ounces (200 grams)

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