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Jenco 1/8 DIN Panel Mount pH/ORP Controller - 3671N

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Jenco 1/8 DIN Panel Mount pH/ORP Controller - 3671N
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Jenco 1/8 DIN Panel Mount pH/ORP Controller - 3671N

Jenco 1/8 DIN Panel Mount pH/ORP Controller - 3671N


3671N 1/8 DIN Panel Mount pH/ORP Controller by Jenco

1/8 DIN panel mount pH/ORP controller with dual SPDT Hi/Lo relays, manual set points and calibration are via potentiometers. Features a voltage/recorder output and an internal pH/ORP select switch. Display is a large bright red LED. Connectors are a BNC input and spade lug screw type connector block. Meter requires a Pt-100 ATC or a simulation resistor for temperature. Power115/230A AC.

  • All solid state design
  • Low cost
  • Easy to install
  • Set points on front panel
  • Recorder output
  • 0.56 high efficiency red led display
  • 1/8 DIN aluminum case
  • Set points cover entire span
  • ATC for pH 0 to 100 C
  • Internal pH/ORP select switch
  • Low power consumption design, reduced internal heating thus increased reliability
Range pH: 0 to 14.0
ORP: -1990 to 1990 mV
Temp: 0 to 100 °C
Resolution pH: 0.1
ORP: 10
Temp: 1
Accuracy pH: 0.1 ± 1digit
ORP: ± 0.1% ± 1 digit
Temp: 1 ± 1 digit
Input impedance Greater than 10^12 ohm
Temp. compensation Auto 0 to 100 °C
Recorder output (ph) 1400mV
Recorder output (mV) -1990 to 1990mV
Recorder output (temp.) 1000mV
Dual point on/off control pH or orp with internal select switch
Dead band ±0.1 pH for each set point
Relay output 8a at 115VAC,4a at 230VAC
Readout 0.56 high efficiency red LED display
Power source 115 VAC/230VAC ¡à 15%,50/60hz
Dimension 96mm x48mm x 172mm
Weight 0.69 kg

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