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Jenco pH Meter Kit - 5005KA

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Jenco pH Meter Kit - 5005KA
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5005KA pH Meter Kit by Jenco

pH/mV/Temp. handheld meter with build in tabletop stand with LCD digital display. Meter has both ATC and manual temperature compensation. pH standardization calibration is via knobs and pH slope calibration is via potentiometer. Features include a voltage recorder output, reference input pin and BNC input connector. AC/DC Powered.


  • 5005 pH/mV/Temp. handheld meter
  • 600P pH electrode
  • 5005F carrying case with pH 4 & 7 capsules

  • All solid state design
  • Fast input response
  • Low drift and high stability
  • Tilt stand
  • Greater than 100db 50/60hz rejection
  • Battery low indicator
  • Extra long battery life
  • Auto polarity mv measurement
  • Analog recorder output
  • Rugged carrying case
  • UL approved ac line adaptor
  • Aconventional 9v battery
  • Manual and ATC for pH measurement
  • 0 to 100.0 C range of temperature measurement
  • 0.5 high liquid crystal display readable under bright ambient conditions
Range pH: 0 to 14.00 pH
ORP: -1999 to 1999 mV
Temperature: 0 to 100.0 °C
Resolution pH: 0 to 100.0 °C
ORP: 1 mV
Temperature: 0.1 °C
Accuracy pH: ± 0.01pH ± 1 digit
ORP: ± 0.1% ± 1 digit
Temperature: 0.5 °C ± 1 digit
Analog Output pH: 0 to 1400 mV
ORP: -1999 to 1999 mV
Temperature: 0~ 1000 mV
Input impedance Greater than 10exp(12) ohms
Temp compensation auto/manual 0 to 100.0°C
Temperature sensor Pt-100 (alpha=0.000385)
Display 0.5 high LCD display
Power source 9v battery or AC line adaptor
Dimensions 155mm x 95mm x 45mm
Weight 0.40 kgs

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