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SS Regulator 0.5 LPM (58 Liter)

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SS Regulator 0.5 LPM (58 Liter)
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SS Regulator 0.5 LPM (58 Liter)

SS Regulator 0.5 LPM (58 Liter)


Preset Flow Regulator

The 500 Series regulators are single-stage, piston-style, regulators designed to deliver a preset flow of non-reactive and low-level reactive (less than 100 PPM)* gas mixtures from 58 liter and 103 liter non-refillable cylinders having a 5/8”-18 UNF (C-10) inlet connection.

*Low-level reactive gases slowly react with the “wetted” brass parts of the 500 Series regulators. In order to minimize loss of calibration accuracy, the regulator must be removed from the cylinder after each use. Norlab’s 6000 Series regulator is recommended for extended use with reactive calibration gas mixtures.

Part Number: 517ss

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