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Biosystems - Sperian - Honeywell MultiPro Multi Gas Detector - LEL / O2/ H2S, Li-ion, Datalogging Vibrating - 54-48-302NDY

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Biosystems - Sperian - Honeywell MultiPro Multi Gas Detector - LEL / O2/ H2S, Li-ion, Datalogging Vibrating - 54-48-302NDY
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Biosystems - Sperian - Honeywell MultiPro Multi Gas Detector - LEL / O2/ H2S, Li-ion, Datalogging Vibrating - 54-48-302NDY

Biosystems - Sperian - Honeywell MultiPro Multi Gas Detector - LEL / O2/ H2S, Li-ion, Datalogging Vibrating - 54-48-302NDY


Biosystems Multipro Confined Space Gas Detector

The BiosystemsMultipro Confined Space Gas Detector is a compact and efficient confined space detector. Understanding user needs and industrial applications, Sperian designed the detector with numerous features and optional accessories. The unit offers easy to read live gas readings and one button operations. The alarms are effective and unmistakable while on the site. The device is customizable and configurations are easy to adjust. With a durable casing, rubber molding, and a sleek design, the detector is the perfect handheld instrument for onsite gas detection needs.

Versatility and Customization

The gas detector is simple in design and compatible with many accessories designed to improve its versatility while allowing for user customization. Users can purchase accessories to customize the unit to fit their workplaces’ specific needs. Optional accessories include sampling pumps, calibration adapters, sample draw kits, and sample probes.

Key Features and Accessories

The BiosystemsMultipro Confined Space Gas Detector features a sleek and compact design with one button operation and an easy to read front mounted display with a backlight. An optional slip-on software controlled pump is available. The pump is powered by the BiosystemsMultiPro battery. It will indicate low flow and will perform an automatic leak test before every use. For recordkeeping, an automatic event logger and optional datalogging is available. The unit also features a Black Box recorder with over 40 hours of storage. When purchasing the detector, users will also receive.

  • an operator’s guide
  • a training CD-ROM
  • a charger for the rechargeable version
  • a clothes clip
  • a laminated quick reference guide
  • a calibration adapter
  • tubing

Sensors and Batteries

The unit is available with 3 sensors. Each sensor is user replaceable. The detector has a one button auto calibration with a calibration due reminder. The sensors are also capable of providing calibration for predictive maintenance. The confined space gas detector uses either interchangeable alkaline or rechargeable (Li-Ion) batteries. It also uses a drop-in charger while fully recharging in less than 6 hours.

Sperian Protection Instrumentation and Honeywell

Sperian Protection Instrumentation has over 50 years of industry experience in research and development. Because of its global reputation for dependable and reliable personal safety products, Honeywell announced its intent to acquire the company in 2010. Sperian Protection Instrumentation is now owned by Honeywell and has expanded Honeywell’s offerings in the personal safety industries and the American market. Sperian is world renowned for design innovation and advanced technologies. With this acquisition, Honeywell intends to carry on Sperian’s legacy of delivering innovative and advanced safety products.

Instrument Type Confined space multi-gas detector, replaceable battery and sensors
Dimensions 4 1/2" x 2 11/16" x 1 11/16" in (11.4 x 6.8 x 4.3 cm)
Weight 20oz/567g
Smart Sensors and Calibration 3 sensor capability. Select from O2, LEL, CO, H2S and Duo-Tox two channel CO/H2S sensor. User replaceable sensors.One button auto calibration.Calibration due reminder.Sensor span reserve indicators during calibration for predictive maintenance.
Sensor Types Electrochemical, Catalytic Bead
Alarms Two peak alarms, TWA and STEL for toxic channels
Audible Alarm Two tone, loud audible alarm rated at 92 dBA
Vibrating Alarm Optional
Visual Alarm Bright-red LED alarm light
Low Battery Alarm Standard
Display Displays readings of up to 4 gases simultaneously on a front-mounted, segment type, easy to read LCD
Display Backlight Automatically activated during an alarm condition, can be manually activated in dark or dimly lit areas.
Controls One button operation and calibration
Clip Clothes Clip Standard
Built-in Event Logger Automatic event logging: 20 events, including sensor type, max, average, time, and duration. Built-in IrDA transceiver.
Black Box Data Recorder Standard: Recorder with over 40 hours storage
Readouts Real time readings of up to four gases simultaneously
Replaceable Battery Interchangeable alkaline or rechargeable (Li-ion) versions. Up to 22 hours run time depending on battery type. Drop-in charger. Recharges in less than 5 hours.
Housing Compact and rugged, solid polycarbonate case with a TPE (rubber) overmold, so it is both tough and easy to handle
Durability (IP Rating) IP65 rated protection against water ingress
Standard Accessories Included Operator's guide, Training CD-ROM, Rechargeable Li-ion version includes charger, clothes clip, laminated quick reference guide, calibration adapter
Datalogger upgrade optional Provides convenient and easy downloading to a computer
Slip-on pump upgrade optional Software controlled pump. Powered by the MultiPro battery. Automatic low flow alarm. Automatic leak test before every use.
Automatic Docking Station Available Works with the Multipro IQ Express Docking Station providing automatic calibration and record keeping, reducing labor costs and saving on calibration gas cost.
Safety Certifications * UL Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, & D. Temperature Code T4
* UL Class II, Division 1 Groups E, F, G
* UL Class lll
* CSA Class l, Division l, Groups A, B, C, D Temp Code T4
* ATEX Certification: ll 2 G EEx ia d llC T4, UL International DEMKO A/S 05 ATEX 0424116X
* IECEx Certification: Ex ia d IIC T4, IECEx UL 07.0003X
* Exceeds IEC 1000-4-3 for level 3 RFI immunity specifications

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