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Biosystems - Sperian - Honeywell PHD6 IQ6 Docking Station 4-Ports Ethernet-Ready with Software, Installation, Disks and Manuals - 54-54-9400N

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Biosystems - Sperian - Honeywell PHD6 IQ6 Docking Station 4-Ports Ethernet-Ready with Software, Installation, Disks and Manuals - 54-54-9400N
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Biosystems - Sperian - Honeywell PHD6 IQ6 Docking Station 4-Ports Ethernet-Ready with Software, Installation, Disks and Manuals - 54-54-9400N

Biosystems - Sperian - Honeywell PHD6 IQ6 Docking Station 4-Ports Ethernet-Ready with Software, Installation, Disks and Manuals - 54-54-9400N


Sperian Biosystems IQ6 Express Docking Station

The IQ6 Express Docking Station is the latest in convenient innovation. This model advances workplace convenience with automatic testing, calibrations, and recordkeeping. The docking station is designed to automatically conduct standard operations that are required onsite. Through this automatic operation, the docking station helps to reduce incidences of human error and furthers compliance with recordkeeping requirements. The station is easy to use and easy to read. Simply mount the instrument in the docking station, and let the IQ6 Express do the rest!

IQ6 Express Features

The Biosystem IQ6 Express Docking Station offers incredible processing, efficiency, and flexibility. Designed with the user in mind, Sperian included numerous features to improve its functionality:

  • Automatic instrument calibration upon docking.
  • Recordkeeping compliance with automatic data transfer upon docking.
  • Reduced labor and calibration expenses.
  • Easy to use operation and docking.

Biosystem PhD6 Multigas Detector

The Biosystem IQ6 Docking Station is compatible with the Biosystem PhD6 Multigas Detector. The detector is compatible with a wide variety of sensor options. The state of the art multigas detector has 5 sensor ports and up to 6 channels of detection. The detector is both reliable and sophisticated while maintaining its simplicity in design. The unit has an easy to read large LCD display that is controlled with simple and intuitive glove friendly front mounted button. It features several visual alarms that notify users of potential hazards.

System Operation

The sleek design efficiently holds the compact multigas detector in a minimally invasive way. The docking station requires very little space and can fit easily on a desk. With a front mounted display, users and operators can easily see the status of the station. The station currently has two optional accessories for further customization: demand flow regulator and calibration gas tank holder. The IQ6 docking station is ready to operate straight out of the box. When delivered, it comes standard with factory default settings for basic instrument processing.

Users can customize the docking stations preferences by using the standard USB or the optional Ethernet connections.

Sperian Protection Instrumentation and Honeywell

Sperian Protection Instrumentation, recently acquired by Honeywell, is a global leader in personal safety equipment. For over 50 years, the company has advanced the personal safety industry with a steady stream of innovative and advanced personal safety instruments. Since its acquisition by Honeywell, Sperian has expanded Honeywell’s American market and improved Honeywell’s personal safety offerings. Sperian and Honeywell are dedicated to advancing the field of industrial safety equipment, and work endlessly to meet the needs of the changing and advancing modern worksite. Through Sperian and Honeywell, customers can be assured that they are receiving the very best in personal safety instruments.

Automated Tests The IQ6 Docking Station for PHD6 multi-gas detectors automatically performs eight procedures, including: instrument identification, battery test, audible alarm test, visual alarm test, vibrating alarm test, bump test, fresh air calibration (if necessary) and record-keeping.
Configuration Options Standalone calibration station, connected to PC via USB or Ethernet (optional upgrade)
Easy Recordkeeping The IQ6 Docking Station dramatically improves compliance record-keeping efficiency and accuracy. Just place the PHD6 multi-gas detector in the dock and the IQ6 Docking Station does the rest. Extremely cost-effective, the IQ6 dock requires no testing or clerical skills and minimal effort by users. Workers can check their instruments and get to their jobs quickly and easily.
Full Instrument Check-up The IQ6 Docking Station automatically performs eight procedures.
Automatic Calibration If the bump test fails, the IQ6 Docking Station will automatically perform a full calibration without intervention from the user. Total processing time, including testing and calibration just takes a little over a minute.
Reduced Calibration Labor A manual bump test of a single instrument takes the average user about 2 minutes. An IQ6 Dock can perform a bump test and other critical tests in under a minute which results in significant labor costs over time.
Calibration Gas Savings Sperian docks use a lot less gas than manual calibrations.
Reduced Legal Liability No matter how good your recordkeeping is, manual systems are prone to error. In case of an accident, errors mean liability. The IQ6 Docking Station accurately and automatically records every test. Your recordkeeping is flawless.
Available Accessories Demand flow regulator, calibration gas, calibration gas tank holder

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