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Jenco Handheld pH/ORP Meter Kit With Batteries Only - 6011MKB

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Jenco Handheld pH/ORP Meter Kit With Batteries Only - 6011MKB
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Jenco Handheld pH/ORP Meter Kit With Batteries Only - 6011MKB

Jenco Handheld pH/ORP Meter Kit With Batteries Only - 6011MKB


6011MKB Handheld pH/ORP Meter Kit With Batteries Only by Jenco

The Basis Portable Series is Jenco's latest iteration of our portable meters and represents a huge step forward for on-location water quality measurements. This series introduces Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth connectivity and a merging of the best features from our other series, which means we double down on reliability, usability and value.

Accurate, Reliable Measurements

  • up to 3 Point calibration (pH)
  • >1012 Ω input impedance (pH)
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation (pH)
  • Each and every unit is hand calibrated and QCed by at least 2 teams
  • CE, RoHS complaint

Improved Usabiltiy

  • Clear, large LCD
  • Membrane buttons with tactile feedback On-device memory storage
  • IP67 water-tight housing
  • Removable, rugged protective case
  • Inclined back for tabletop use

Other Meters In This Series

  • Single and dual parameter pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen,optical dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP/EC, pH/ODO
  • Polarographic or optical DO
  • Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth models
  • With memory storage
  • With or without protective case

Kit Includes:

  • 6011M - Handheld pH/ORP Meter With Memory
  • 600P - pH Electrode, 3-ft Cable, BNC Connector, Max Temp. 60 Deg. C
  • 6011F - Carrying Case
pH Range -2.00 to 16.00 pH
pH Resolution 0.01 pH
pH Accuracy ±0.01 pH
mV Range -1999 to 1999 mV
mV Resolution 1 mV
mV Accuracy ±0.1% F.S.
Temperature Range -10.0 to 120.0 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.3 °C
pH Temperature Compensation Auto/manual -10.0 to 120.0 °C
pH Calibration Up to 3 point
pH Buffer Recognition USA, NIST
pH Buffer Temperature Range 0 to 60 °C
pH Electrode Offset Recognition ±90 mV at 7.00 or 6.86 pH
pH Electrode Slope Recognition ±30%
Input Impedance >1012 ohms
Data Memory 50 sets
Auto shut off 10 Mins
Calibration Backup Yes
Audio Feedback All touch keys
End Point Sensing & Hold Yes
ATC Probe Thermistor,10 kohm (6011M); Thermistor,30 kohm (6011EU)
Power Supply 9 Volt battery
Battery Life 800 hrs
Ambient Temperature Range 0 to 50 °C
Relative Humidity Up to 90%
Waterproof IP67
Weight 290 g
Dimensions 214 X 74 X 42 mm; 216 X 80 X 50 mm (Have jacket)

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