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Jenco Benchtop Analog pH Meter Kit - 603AKB

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Jenco Benchtop Analog pH Meter Kit - 603AKB
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Jenco Benchtop Analog pH Meter Kit - 603AKB

Jenco Benchtop Analog pH Meter Kit - 603AKB


603AKB Benchtop Analog pH Meter Kit by Jenco

The model 603A is a high performance,low cost,general purpose laboratory instrument for the measure of pH and mV.

The model 603A uses a 5 2/1 inch analog meter with a mirror scale to increase readability to 0.02 pH and 2 mV.

Recorder output is provided for Karl Fischer and other polarized electrode titration applications.


  • 603A Benchtop Analog pH Meter, Karl Fisher, AC Adapter
  • 600P Probe
  • 600A Temp. Probe
  • 600D115 AC Adapter
Range pH: 0 to 14
mV : -700 to 700
Resolution pH: 0.1
mV: 10
ATC: 0.1
Readability pH: 0.02
mV: 2.0
Accuracy pH: ±0.03
mV: ±3.0
ATC: ±0.03
Temperature compensation Auto: 0 to +100℃
Manual: 0 to +100℃
Recorder output 5 1/2 inch with mirror scale
Input impedance Greater than 1012 O

Karl fischer output

10 uA
117 VAC,234 VAC ±15% ,6 internal type AA batteries
Battery life 40 hours typical
Dimensions 280mm X 200mm X 120mm
1.45 kg

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