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RKI Instruments Gaswatch 2, Model GW2X Single Gas Personal Monitor, 0 - 40% vol. O2 with Belt Clip - 72-0007RK-03

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RKI Instruments
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RKI Instruments Gaswatch 2, Model GW2X Single Gas Personal Monitor, 0 - 40% vol. O2 with Belt Clip - 72-0007RK-03

RKI Instruments Gaswatch 2, Model GW2X Single Gas Personal Monitor, 0 - 40% vol. O2 with Belt Clip - 72-0007RK-03


72-0007RK-03 Gaswatch 2, Model GW2X Single Gas Personal Monitor, 0 - 40% vol. O2 with Watch Band by RKI Instruments

RKI Instruments utilizes the latest technology and research to develop a wide range of workplace safety products. As an industry leader in advanced micro sensor technology, their designs are typically compact, efficient, and affordable. The company has a long-standing track record for innovative technologies and their robust research and development team is constantly seeking new ways to meet the needs of hazardous jobsites. The new GasWatch 2 by RKI Instruments is paving the way for workplace safety products. Its compact design and high portability ensure that the device is always accessible and its dependence on advanced technology guarantees its reliability and accuracy.

GasWatch 2

The GasWatch 2 features an easy and convenient method for monitoring single gases. With three gases to choose from (carbon monoxide, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide), users can receive a fast and accurate response. Each individual gas sensor is color coded for quick reference and convenience. The unique space saving device fits directly on the wrist similar to a watch. The hands free device monitors the environment for the atmospheric condition and alerts the wearer in accordance with its settings. Its micro sensors use galvanic and electrochemical technology to monitor the air quality. They are inexpensive and are made to be easily replaced while in the field. They also have a life expectancy of over 2 years.


The GasWatch 2 is regulated by advanced microprocessor technology for reliable and accurate readings. Additionally, the gas watch has a triple alarm feature to notify wearers of dangerous conditions. The flashing lights, audible buzzer, and vibration alert is sure to be noticed on the jobsite. The large digital LCD display screen with a backlight will also automatically activate and provide a readout of the gas conditions, PEAK, TWA, and STEL readings. The unit also notifies wearers of possible equipment malfunction. As can be expected, it also tells time.

Although the GasWatch 2 is designed for convenient use on the wrist, the device may also be worn on a belt, hard hat, or protective gear. RKI Instruments makes compatible clips for customers to use when wearing the GasWatch 2.

GasWatch 2 Specifications

Weighing in at approximately 2 ounces, the GasWatch 2 is extremely compact with dimensions of 2.5”W x 1.7”H x 0.9”D. The power source is one coin lithium battery (CR2450). The long life battery can operate for over 3,000 hours or 1 year of normal use with no alarms or backlighting. A typical response time for the unit is approximately 20 seconds for oxygen and 30 seconds for hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide. To preserve the integrity and security of the device, the unit is housed in a high-impact casing that is dust proof and weather proof.

The GasWatch 2 has been rated intrinsically safe and comes standard with a 2 year warranty for materials and craftsmanship.

*Please note we can only ship RKI products to customers within the United States

Model Name GW – 2X GW – 2H GW – 2C
Gas Detected Oxygen (O2) Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Detection Principle Galvanic cell Electrochemical cell Electrochemical cell
Detection Range (Increments) 0 – 40%vol.
(0.1% vol.)
0 – 100 ppm
(0.5 ppm)
0 – 500 ppm
(1 ppm)
Alarm Set Points Low: 19.5% vol.
High: 23.5% vol.
Over: 40.0% vol.
1st: 10.0 ppm
2nd: 30.0 ppm
TWA: 10.0 ppm
STEL: 15.0 ppm
Over: 100.0 ppm
1st: 25 ppm
2nd: 50 ppm
TWA: 25 ppm
STEL: 200 ppm
Over: 500 ppm
Alarm Types Gas alarms: 2 level alarm (user adjustable), STEL, TWA, and over alarm
Trouble alarms: sensor connection, low battery, circuit error, and calibration range error
Alarm Methods Gas alarms: flashing light, intermittent buzzer and pulsing vibration
Trouble alarms: flashing light, intermittent buzzer and trouble type displayed
Gas Sampling Diffusion
Response Time T90 in 20 seconds (Alarms within 5 seconds when exposed to 12% O2) T90 in 30 seconds
Accuracy ± 0.5% vol. ± 1.5 ppm
(up to 30 ppm)
± 5 ppm
(up to 150 ppm)
Power One coin type lithium battery (CR 2450)
Continuous Operation Approximately 3,000 hours with no alarms or backlighting (about 1 year of normal use)
Safety Rating CSA classified, "C/US”, as intrinsically safe. Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D.
Class I, Zone 0, Group IIC. Temperature code T4
Dimension Weight 2.5”(W) x 1.7”(H) x 0.9”(D) / 63.5 mm(W) x 43 mm(H) x 23 mm(D)
2 ounces / 60 grams
Case High-impact plastic, dust and weather proof
Attachment Choices Watchband, alligator clip, belt clip, and hard hat clip
Operating Temperature and Humidity -10 ~ 40°C, (14 ~ 104° F) below 85% RH (non condensing)
Special Functions
LCD manual backlight (automatic lighting during alarm)
STEL, TWA function
Peak hold
Time indication
Warranty Two years material & workmanship

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