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1-866-4 JJSTECH (1-866-455-7832)
RKI Instruments GX-86A Four Gas Diffusion Monitor, LEL/O2/H2S/CO - 72-7525RK

RKI Instruments GX-86A Four Gas Diffusion Monitor, LEL/O2/H2S/CO - 72-7525RK

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    72-7525RK GX-86A Four Gas Diffusion Monitor, LEL/O2/H2S/CO by RKI Instruments

    The GX-82A and GX-86A can detect a combination of Combustible, Oxygen, and toxic gases (Carbon Monoxide or Hydrogen Sulfide). The GX-82A and GX-86A are enhanced popular designs of the time tested GX-82 and GX-86. These new designs maintain all of the popular features on the original models such as the unique removable sensor block engineered for extender cables, sample drawing attachable pump capability, and easy to replace "bayonet" style sensors. Controlled by a microprocessor, the GX-82A and GX-86A models provide continuous monitoring for 12 hours on 2 "C" size alkaline batteries, data logging, and autocalibration of all channels simultaneously. All accessories for prior models are interchangeable with the new "A" series instruments. UL classified as intrinsically safe.


    • Detachable Sensor Block with extender cable
    • Data logging capability
    • Microprocessor controlled
    • Peak hold function
    • Push button auto calibration
    • Continuous diffusion monitoring
    • Sensor extender cable capability
    • Sample pump capability
    • Time weighted average
    • Alkaline or Ni-Cad capable
    • User adjustable alarms
    • Low cost sensor replacements


    • Sewage Treatment Plants
    • Utility Manholes
    • Tunnels
    • Hazardous Waste Sites
    • Refineries
    • Mines
    • Chemical Plants
    • Paper Mills
    • Drilling Rigs
    • Pipelines
    • Storage Tanks

    *Please note we can only ship RKI products to customers within the United States

    Gas detected All combustible gases
    (Methane as standard)
    Hydrogen Sulfide
    Carbon Monoxide
    Detection principle Catalytic combustion Galvanic cell Electrochemical cell Electrochemical cell
    Detection range 0 ~ 99% LEL 0 ~ 40.0 vol % 0 ~ 99.5 ppm 0 ~ 499 ppm
    Sampling method Diffusion sampling, or with optional attachable pump, aspirator or sensor extender cable
    Display 2 digits
    (1% LEL/digit)
    3 digits
    (0.1 vol %/digit)
    3 digits
    (0.5 ppm/digit)
    3 digits
    (1 ppm/digit)
    LCD with auto backlighting
    Indication Accuracy ± 2% LEL from 0~20% range
    ±5% LEL up to 100% range
    ± 0.5% Oxygen ± 1.5 ppm from 0~30 ppm range
    ± 5 ppm from 30~99.5 ppm range
    ±5 ppm from 0~50 ppm range
    ± 15 ppm from 50~150 ppm
    ± 25 ppm from 150-499 ppm
    Alarms (User adjustable) 1st alarm 10% LEL
    2nd alarm 50% LEL
    Max alarm 100%
    Low alarm 19.5% LEL
    High alarm 23.5% LEL
    Max alarm 40%
    1st alarm 10 ppm
    Ceiling alarm OFF
    TWA alarm 10 ppm
    STEL alarm 15 ppm
    Max alarm 100 ppm
    1st alarm 25 ppm
    Ceiling alarm OFF
    TWA alarm 25 ppm
    STEL alarm 400 ppm
    Max alarm 500 ppm
    Alarm method Buzzer (80dB) and individual LED lamp (self-reset)
    Special functions Dosimeter: Indicates Time Weighted Average (TWA), Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL)
    Peak hold: Indicates highest reading since start up, lowest reading for oxygen
    Delayed turn off: Approx. 5 seconds, prevents inadvertent turn off
    Integral data logger: Selectable data log intervals up to 90 hrs., total log time
    Demand zero: Zero only on demand
    Calibration: Auto calibration with multi gas Cylinder or push button calibration with individual gas Cylinders
    Operating temp. & humidity -10°C ~ +40°C (14°F to 104°F), 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
    Data logger output RS-232C, 4800 Baud Rate
    Continuous operating hours Approx. 12 hours using Alkaline batteries. 10 hours using Ni-Cad batteries
    Power source C size alkaline battery (2 pcs) or Ni-Cad battery (optional, internally charged)
    Safety design Intrinsically safe, Class I, Division I, Groups A, B, C and D
    Dimensions & weight GX-82A: 7 1/4"L x 3 3/8"W X 2.0"H, 2 lb, 6 oz
    GX-86A: 7 1/4"L x 5.0"W X 2 1/2"H, 3 lb
    Case material High impact plastic
    Controls Touch operated: DISPLAY, AIR, ON/OFF, SHIFT
    Warranty One year material and workmanship
    Standard accessories Belt mounted vinyl carrying case, Shoulder strap, Alkaline batteries, Charcoal filter (if applicable), Instruction manual

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