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RKI Instruments PS 2 Single Point Stand Alone Monitor for LEL Detection, 24 VDC Powered

RKI Instruments PS 2 Single Point Stand Alone Monitor for LEL Detection, 24 VDC Powered

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    73-1020RK-01 PS 2 Single Point Stand Alone Monitor for LEL Detection, 24 VDC Powered by RKI Instruments

    A perfect low cost solution for hydrogen detection in battery rooms, or for LEL or PPM level detection of a variety of flammable or solvent vapors in general industry.

    The Model PS 2 is a multipurpose gas monitor utilizing a MOS (metal oxide sensor) for long lasting and low maintenance detection at the LEL or PPM levels of many gases or vapors. The PS 2 has two alarm levels for increasing gas or vapor levels, at the PPM level for detection of many solvent vapors, or for LEL level detection of flammable vapors. Inquire at the factory for your specific requirement. Each alarm level activates a 12 amp relay inside the unit, and terminals are provided for wiring the relay to activate an external alarm device or some other device such as a ventilation fan.

    This stand alone unit is housed in a durable plastic enclosure with flanges provided for wall mounting and is designed with easy access wiring hubs on the bottom of the unit. The front of the PS 2 contains three lights; Pilot, Alarm 1, and Alarm 2. An internal audible alarm (85 db) activates in a gas alarm condition.

    The standard PS 2 is supplied with the gas sensor located on the end of a 30 foot cable (other cable lengths are also available). Each unit is powered by 115 VAC standard or 24 VDC as standard (48 VDC versions optional), and the AC version comes complete with a 6' power cord.


    • LEL or PPM detection ranges available for many gases
    • 2 alarm levels
    • Stand alone system
    • Input voltages: 115 VAC standard, 24 VDC or 48 VDC (optional)
    • Audible and visual alarms
    • Compact design
    • Simple installation
    • AC version equipped with power cord
    • Relay contacts rated 12A @ 115 VAC
    • Low maintenance

    Industry Applications

    • Battery storage locations
    • Petrochemical plants
    • Refineries
    • Water & wastewater treatment plants
    • Degreasers
    • Gas, telephone, & electric utilities
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Steel
    • Automotive
    • HVAC

    *Please note we can only ship RKI products to customers within the United States

    PS 2 Specifications:
    Relays 12 amp rated contacts for each alarm
    Audible 85 db alarm at 10 cm
    Visual Alarm 1: Orange LED
    Alarm 2: Red LED
    Operating Temp 35°F to 120°F (2°C to 49°C)
    Relative Humidity 10 - 95% RH, non condensing
    Dimensions Height: 6.85" 174 mm
    Width 6.48" 165 mm
    Depth 3.30" 84 mm
    Enclosure ABS plastic, indoor housing
    Sensor Types Metal Oxide Semiconductor type (MOS)
    Measuring Ranges LEL levels available for many gases. Typically set to 10% LEL for alarm 1, and 25% or 30% LEL for alarm 2 (Highest possible setting is 30% LEL).
    Sensor Connector Sensor is connected to 30' extension cable wired to terminals inside unit. Cable length can be decreased or increased as needed
    Power 24 VDC (standard)
    115 VAC or 48 VDC (optional)
    Warranty One year materials and workmanship

    Partial List Of Detectable Gases
    Ethyl Alcohol C2H5OH
    Gasoline CnHm
    Hexane C6H14
    Hydrogen H2
    Iso-Butane i-C4H10
    Isopropyl Alcohol (CH3)2CHOH
    Methane CH4
    Methylene Chloride CH2Cl2
    Perchloroethylene CCl2CCl2
    Toluene C7H8
    Trichloroethane ClCH2CHCl2
    Xylene C6H4(CH3)2

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