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E Instruments Combustible Gas Sniffer / Leak Detector - 7899

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E Instruments
E Instruments Combustible Gas Sniffer / Leak Detector - 7899
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E Instruments Combustible Gas Sniffer / Leak Detector - 7899

E Instruments Combustible Gas Sniffer / Leak Detector - 7899


7899 Combustible Gas Sniffer / Leak Detector by E Instruments

The New Model 7899 Portable Gas Leak Detector is a rugged, highly–sensitive, accurate and easy–to–use leak tester with an LED display, scale and audible beeper to effectively pinpoint small leaks of Combustible gas hydrocarbon fuels from any piping and/or appliances. Inaccessible points can be reached with the flexible, 11" long probe.

The 7899 portable gas detector is the perfect handheld tool for any combustible gas leak detection including natural gas, town gas, propane, methane, butane, kerosene, gasoline and many more in a variety of applications including HVAC, residential, commercial, engines, piping, and industrial processes.

This small, lightweight portable gas detector easily fits in your hand and in your toolbox for easy transportation and use. The 7899 portable gas detector allows the user with the ability to quickly and easily detect combustible gas leaks in most hard-to-reach places around appliances using the included 11" flexible probe.

The gas readings on the Portable Gas detector are shown on its large, easy-to-read LCD display in either ppm, % vol, or % LEL, giving the user the actual amount of combustible gases are present. Contact E Instruments for your portable gas detector needs.

  • Visual LED screen & Audible Alarms
  • Rugged, accurate, and highly sensitive
  • Auto Zero–Drift Adjustment
  • Quick Response Time
  • 11" Flexible probe to reach inaccessible or "impossible" places
  • Uses semiconductor sensors with improved sensitivity and extended long life
  • Portable Gas Detector
Batteries: 9V, 6 x1.6V AAA
Battery life: 4 hours minimum
Measurement range: 0.0 - 10,000 ppm CH4
0.0 - 1% VOL CH4
0.0 - 20% LEL CH4
0.0 - 1,800ppm LPG (isoCH410)
Resolution: 1 ppm
Accuracy: ±20% f.s. @ 20°C ± 1°C
Measurement units: ppm, % Vol, % L.E.L.
Sensore type: Semiconductor
Pre-heating time: Max. 45 seconds fixed
Auto-shut-off time: OFF, 1 - 30 minutes
Display: LCD TN
Operating temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Storage temperature: 14° to 122°F (-10° to +50°C)
Humidity limits: 20% - 80% RH self-extinguishing
Enclosure: ABS HB self-extinguishing
Dimensions: 2.8" x 6" x 1.5" (W x H x D)
Weight: 0.7 lbs. (0.3 kg)
Flexible Probe Length: 11" (270 mm)

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