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Apera SX721 Handheld pH/ORP Meter Kit - AI463

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Apera Instruments
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Apera SX721 Handheld pH/ORP Meter Kit - AI463

Apera SX721 Handheld pH/ORP Meter Kit - AI463


AI463 SX721 Handheld pH/ORP Meter Kit by Apera

Apera SX721 is designed for lab-grade measurement of pH and ORP, suitable for general water solutions' applications such as water treatment, groundwater, surface water, hydroponics, environmental monitoring, beverage making, etc.

Basic Features

  • Intelligent functions – auto. calibration, auto. temperature compensation, self-diagnosis, data logging, auto. power off, and more.
  • Digital filter technology – enhance the meter's response time and measurement accuracy
  • Automatic electrode recognition – the meter automatically switches to the right parameter mode according to the connected electrode
  • Data logging – 400 sets of data storage and recall
  • Built tough – IP57 water-resistant structure, ideal for use in harsh environment

pH Features

  • Built with lithium glass membrane and fiber ceramic junction, the 201T-S pH/temp. electrode provides the foundation for quick response and accurate pH readings.
  • 1 to 3 points of quick auto. calibration, recognizing up to 13 kinds of pH buffers.
  • The self-diagnosis function helps you understand common problems and how to fix them.
  • With the 8-pin to BNC converter (sold separately), a variety of LabSen pH electrodes can be connected to meet the testing needs of specialized applications.

ORP Features

  • Equipped with 301Pt-S Platinum ORP electrode featured with stable potential and fast response
  • No need for ORP calibration
  • The platinum sensor is easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with 222mv ORP standard solution for checking accuracy and sensor conditioning
pH Measurement range: (-2.00 to 19.99) pH
Resolution: 0.1/0.01 pH
Accuracy: ±0.01pH±1 digit
Input current: ≤2×10-12 A
Input impendance: ≥1×1012 Ω
Stability: ±0.01 pH/3h
Temp. compensation range: (0 to 100) °C (automatic)
ORP Measurement range (mV/ORP/EH): -1999 mV to 0 to 1999mV
Resolution: 1mV
Accuracy: ±15mV
Other Technical Parameters Data storage: 200 sets
Data content: Serial number, measurement value, measurement unit, and temperature
Power Supply: Two AA alkaline batteries (1.5V x2)
Dimensions and weight: Meter: (65×120×31) mm/180g; Complete Kit: (255 x 210x 50) mm/1760g
Quality and safety certification: CE, ISO 9001:2015
Working Condition Working temperature: 5 to 35°C
Working humidity: ≤85%
IP rating: IP57 water-resistant

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