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Safety and Precautionary Measures

1.2. Safety and Precautionary Measures


Carefully review the following safety limitations and precautions before placing this instrument in service. Incorrect use can cause serious personal injury or death.

  • Check function (see Section 3.6). each day before use. MSA recommends carrying out a routine inspection prior to each day's use.
  • Perform a Bump Test (see Section 3.8). before each day's use to verify proper instrument operation. The instrument must pass the bump test. If it fails the test, perform a calibration (see Section 3.9). before using the instrument.
  • Perform a bump test more frequently if the unit is subjected to physical shock or high levels of contaminants. Also, perform a bump test more frequently if the tested atmosphere contains the following materials, which may desensitize the combustible gas sensor and reduce its readings:
    • Organic silicones
    • Silicates
    • Lead-containing compounds
    • Hydrogen sulfide exposures over 200 ppm or exposures over 50 ppm for one minute.
  • The minimum concentration of a combustible gas in air that can ignite is defined as the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). A combustible gas reading of "XXX