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Apera LabSen 821 Glass-body pH Electrode for Dairy Products and Liquid Food

Apera LabSen 821 Glass-body pH Electrode for Dairy Products and Liquid Food

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    LabSen 821 Glass-body pH Electrode for Dairy Products and Liquid Food by Apera

    Backed by proprietary Swiss sensor technologies and materials, the LabSen® 821 Combination pH Electrode/Probe is designed for testing the pH for dairy products such as milk, cream, yogurt, and other liquid food such as mayonnaise, jam, BBQ sauce, syrup, etc.

    Silver Ion Trap Reference System+Protelyte Electrolyte - The LabSen® 821 pH Electrode/Probe adopts a Silver Ion Trap reference system and Protelyte reference solution. On top of the Long-Life reference system, a silver ion trap is added to prevent the junction from being blocked or contaminated by proteins.

    LabSen unique blue hemispherical glass membrane - faster response time, better repeatability, and built tough, highly resistant to general impact (totally differentiates from the traditional fragile glass bulb membrane); and can be tested in high-temperature samples (up to 225°F).

    The electrode uses a BNC connector, compatible with any pH meters that use BNC connectors, such as Apera Instruments MP511, PH850, PH8500, PH700, PH910, PH950, PH820 and PC820. The temperature sensor is not built-in. Users need to have a separate temperature probe (ex: Apera Instruments MP500) to enable ATC or manually input temperature to realize temperature compensation.

    The electrode is backed up with a 6-month warranty by Apera Instruments.

    • Proprietary pH sensor technology and materials from Switzerland
    • Designed for milk and other liquid food that contain proteins
    • Unique LabSen® hemispherical glass membrane, which has a faster response rate, better repeatability, and built tough
    • Silver Ion Trap Reference System + Protelyte reference solution, preventing the electrode being contaminated by proteins
    • Standard BNC Connector

    Material Lead-free glass
    Temp. Sensor No
    Junction Ceramic*3
    Reference Silver Ion Trap
    Electrolyte Protelyte
    Length 120mm
    Diameter 12mm
    Membrane Shape Half-Ball
    Range 0-14 pH
    Temp. Range -5 to 100°C (23 to 212°F)
    Connector BNC
    Cable 3 Ft

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