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Apera YD300 Portable Water Hardness Meter Kit

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Apera Instruments
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Apera YD300 Portable Water Hardness Meter Kit

Apera YD300 Portable Water Hardness Meter Kit


YD300 Portable Water Hardness Meter Kit by Apera

The Apera Instruments' YD300 is designed for quick & accurate measurements of Water Hardness (the concentration of calcium ions Ca2+ and magnesium ions Mg2+). The YD300 comes equipped with a patented 601 water hardness combination electrode that is proven to produce the same accuracy as the traditional EDTA Volumetric Method but in a much more convenient manner. Unlike the traditional EDTA Method, There is no need for probe stirring or adding reagents during tests, and you can directly measure your sample solutions' ion concentration just like pH testing.

The meter utilizes an intelligent chip design that supports automatic calibration, data storage (up to 99 groups) and a low battery voltage indicator. The YD300 supports the ability to switch between eight commonly used Water Hardness units, including mmol/L, mg/L (CaCO3), mg/L (CaO), mmol/L (Boiler), mg/L (Ca), °fH (France Degree), °dH (German Degree) and °eH (England Degree).

The YD300 is IP57 waterproof rated and comes as a complete kit. This kit includes the Model 601-S water hardness electrode, Water hardness calibration solutions ( B1, B2 and B3 ); corresponding calibration bottles, Water hardness activation solution, a 20 ml test cup, a test cup pedestal, 2 AA batteries, and a quick manual all in a rugged carrying case. Applications: drinking water, wastewaters, cooling towers, boilers, pipelines, aquaculture, pools & spas. Two-Year manufacturer warranty for the instrument (6-month for the probe).

  • Adopting electrode method to test hardness, having the same accuracy as EDTA titration method, yet much more convenient
  • Patented 601-S 3-in-1 water hardness combination electrode: combines a measuring electrode, a reference electrode, and a temperature electrode all in one
  • Intelligent chip design produces stable potential, fast response rate, and convenient use;
  • 99 groups of data storage; automatic calibration and temperature compensation (ATC), auto-lock and power-off
  • Portable IP57 waterproof design equipped as a full kit with a rugged carrying case; suitable for both lab and field test
Water Hardness
Measuring range (0 ~ 10) mmol/L; (0 ~ 401) mg/L(Ca); (0 ~ 1000) mg/L(CaCO3); (0 ~ 100) °fH(France Degree); (0 ~ 561) mg/L(CaO); (0 ~ 56) °dH(German Degree); (0 ~ 20) mmol/L(Boiler); (0 ~ 70)° eH (England Degree)°
Resolution 0.01 and 0.1 water hardness units
Accuracy ±5% FS
Temp. compensation range (5 - 50°C) (automatic)
Calibration Solution B1 Calibration Solution - 2.00×10-2 mmol/L
B2 Calibration Solution - 2.00×10-1mmol/L
B3 Calibration Solution - 2.00 mmol/L
Calibration Mode (a) B1/B2 Calibration - using B1 and B2 Calibration Solution,suitable for <2.00×10-2 mmol/L low concentration water quality,for example, boiler water.
(b) B2/B3 Calibration - using B2 and B3 Calibration Solution,suitable for general water quality.


Measuring Range 0-60°C (32 - 140°F)
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C

Other parameters

Data Storage 99 groups
Content Storage serial number of measuring value, measuring value, units, temperature and calibration way
Power Two AA Batteries (1.5V×2)
Dimension and Weight Meter: (65×120×31)mm/180g; Carry Case: (255×210×50)mm/790g
Quality and Safety Certificate CE, RoHS

Working conditions

Ambient Temperature 5-35°C (41-95°F)
Ambient Humidity ≤85%
IP Grade IP57 Waterproof and Dustproof

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