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Agrowtek GrowControl™ SXH Temp, pH, EC Transmitter

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Agrowtek GrowControl™ SXH Temp, pH, EC Transmitter

Agrowtek GrowControl™ SXH Temp, pH, EC Transmitter

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GrowControl™ SXH Temp, pH, EC Transmitter by Agrowtek

GrowControl SXH is a precision digital sensor transmitter for temperature, pH, conductivity. SXH+ includes optional oxidation reduction potential or dissolved oxygen probe input. Optional color LCD display and button interface allows instant access to sensor readings, guided calibration, alarms, historical graphing and more.

Internal memory logs over 20,000 data points per sensor. Available with WiFi module for remote monitoring, data logging, alerts, and more. LX1 USB AgrowLink connects the GrowNET port to a PC for datalog download to .csv, graphing, calibration, configuration, updates, etc. using free PC software.

Connects to Agrowtek's GrowControl Cultivation Controllers as part of a complete facility control solution. LX2 ModLINK connects GrowNET™ devices to RS-422/485 for MODBUS RTU protocol.


  • Water Temperature: -20 - 60°C x 0.1°
  • Conductivity: 0 - 5000uS x 10uS
  • pH: 0 - 14pH x 0.01pH
  • ORP or DO (+ model): +/-1000mv x 1mV; 0 - 20mg/mL x 0.1mg/mL
  • Color LCD display for sensor monitoring & graphing optional
  • Real Time Clock (RTC): Battery Backup Included


  • WiFi optional for direct sensor monitoring and web portal connection
  • GrowNET link for connection to AgrowDose: Pumps or GrowControl™ master controller
  • Available 4-20mA analog outputs: MODBUS RTU for industrial PLC applications
  • Durable splash-proof ABS plastic enclosure: Conformal coated circuit boards
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Made in USA
Power 5-24Vdc, ~2W (5W w/LCD)
Max Cable Distance 1000ft
Optional Interface LCD w/3 Buttons
Temperature Range -20 - 60°C
Temperature Accuracy ±2°C, 0.01° resolution
pH Range 0-14pH
pH Accuracy ±0.02pH, 0.01pH resolution
Conductivity Range 0 - 5000 uS (0-2500ppm)
Conductivity Accuracy ±20uS, 2uS resolution
+ORP (DO) Range -1000 - +1000mV (0-40mg/L)
+ORP (DO) Accuracy ±10mV, 1mV resolution
(±0.1mg/L, 0.1 resolution)
4-20mA Output Resolution 12 bit, 0.005mA
Interface GrowNET, MODBUS or WiFi

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