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Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH - CAREKITPHL

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Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH - CAREKITPHL

Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH - CAREKITPHL


CAREKITPHL Probe Care Kit - pH by Bluelab

Probe cleaning is one of the most important parts of owning or operating any Bluelab® meter, monitor or controller.

The probe surface is where the instrument takes the reading of the solution or soil/media. If the probe face is dirty or contaminated, then the reading will be inaccurate.

Accurate readings simplify crop management and provide improved growth.

Use Bluelab® Solutions to re-stock your probe care kit.


  • 20ml / 0.67fl oz single-use Bluelab Solution Sachets, 2 each of: pH 7.0 & pH 4.0 and KCl
  • 3 plastic cups
  • Bluelab® pH Probe Cleaner
  • Bluelab® Toothbrush (pH probe cleaning instrument)

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