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GfG CC 22 Series Fixed Transmitter with Hydrogen (H2) Sensor, 0 - 100% LEL Range, Display / Modbus - CC22-703-DM

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GfG CC 22 Series Fixed Transmitter with Hydrogen (H2) Sensor, 0 - 100% LEL Range, Display / Modbus - CC22-703-DM

GfG CC 22 Series Fixed Transmitter with Hydrogen (H2) Sensor, 0 - 100% LEL Range, Display / Modbus - CC22-703-DM


CC22-703-DM CC 22 Series Fixed Transmitter with Hydrogen (H2) Sensor, 0 - 100% LEL Range, Display / Modbus by GfG

Are you looking for an innovative and cost-effective transmitter for combustible gases, but without the need for explosion protection? Then a GfG 22 series transmitter is the right choice.

Time-proven and innovative

The CC 22 works according to the heat of reaction principle, a proven method for measuring combustible gases. The transmitters are fitted with high-performance electronics for voltage stabilization, processing of readings, and temperature compensation. Follow-up costs are minimized thanks to the long lifespan of the sensors.

Universal signal transmission

Either an analog or digital output signal can be transmitted by the CC 22 by means of a Modbus interface. Due to the different types of signal transmission, a 22 series transmitter can be connected to almost any gas detection system, also as an extra measuring point or as a replacement transmitter on existing systems.

Signal processing

The embedded software of the CC 22 linearises the measuring signal and compensates for the effects of temperature. As a result, correct readings are transmitted even with weather related fluctuations in temperature. The software allows problems to be detected, and the Modbus version also indicates any required service or maintenance work.

Weather protection

A weatherproof housing not only protects transmitters against exposure to wind and weather, but also against contamination and excessive temperatures caused by direct sunlight.

Optional colored graphic display

The clear graphic display of the CC 22 is self explanatory and allows you to read off the current status and other important information with ease. The display enables you to navigate effortlessly through the unit's concise menu and to change settings or even calibrate, depending on your user authorization. In the event of an alarm, the display will turn red.

Operation buttons

The buttons on the transmitter allow the unit to be calibrated and settings to be adjusted through the menu as needed.

The application areas of the dust and water-protected structure range from production and storage areas to disposal sites, biogas plants, mines and oil rigs.

Calibration adapter

In order to perform regular bump tests, a calibration adapter is used on the transmitter, which ensures a uniform and secure supply of gas.

Easy and convenient service

GfG offers full after-the-sale commissioning and field service support.


  • Uses the catalytic combustion principle
  • Long service life of the sensors
  • High efficiency and low follow-up costs
  • Sturdy plastic housing (IP 54)
  • Cost effective single-man adjustment
  • Affordable solution for many measuring tasks
Gases Combustible gases and vapors, e.g. CH4, C3H8, C9H20, C2H6O, ...
Measuring Range 0 to 100 % LEL
Detection Method Catalytic combustion
Gas Supply Diffusion or bump test with calibration adapter
Response Time t90 less than 30 seconds (depending on type of gas)
Expected Sensor Life >3 years depending on operating conditions
Ambient Temperature +68°F +122°F / -20°C to +50°C
Humidity 5 to 90 % r.h.
Ambient Pressure 950 to 1100 hPa
Output Signal 0.2-1 mA / 4-20 mA / RS485 (Modbus)
Power Supply 18-30 V DC
Available Configurations Display
Blind (without display)
Housing Material: Plastic
Weight up to 11.5 oz. / 325 g (depending on the version)
Dimensions 3.9 x 4.7 x 2 in. / 98 x 120 x 50 mm (W x H x D)
Housing Protection IP 54

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