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Citizen Scale CPHP220 Portable pH/mV/ORP/C/F Meter

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Citizen Scale
Citizen Scale CPHP220 Portable pH/mV/ORP/C/F Meter


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Citizen Scale CPHP220 Portable pH/mV/ORP/C/F Meter

Citizen Scale CPHP220 Portable pH/mV/ORP/C/F Meter



CPHP220 Portable pH/mV/ORP/C/F Meter by Citizen Scale

Citizen series meters includes models 220 for the measurement of acidity and alkalinity in liquids, These microprocessor-based meters are economical and easy to use, it has a large custom LCD for clear and easy reading.

Automatic Calibration

The meters is capable of calibration up to 3 points USA or NIST pH standard buffer. From Setup Menu, choose Calibration and immerse pH electrode into indcated calibration solution, press ENTER key and meter is automatically calibrated.

Power Monitor

During using. The CPU continuously monitors and displays the battery level, When the battery is running out of power, the battery icon will disappear from the LCD.

Hold Function

To keep the latest measurement on the display, after taking a reading press the HOLD key and the measurement remains on the display, your can easily view and record data.

Save and Communication Interface

CITIZEN series all have real-time dat/clock stamps, The memory stores up to 50 discrete data sets. Press the SAVE key to store the current measured values and it automatically generates a serial number with the data and time. This data can then be sent to a computer via the USB port.

pH Range
-2.00 to 16.00pH
pH Accuracy
Temperature Compensation
0 to 100°C Manual or Automatic

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