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Citizen Scale UV 3200S Spectrophotometer

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Citizen Scale
Citizen Scale UV 3200S Spectrophotometer
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Citizen Scale UV 3200S Spectrophotometer

Citizen Scale UV 3200S Spectrophotometer


UV 3200S Spectrophotometer by Citizen Scale

UV-3200S Series is an advanced single beam design consisting of 9 models. They differ in bandwidth and wavelength accuracy, but provide excellent performance for measurements.

They are suitable for clinical, pharmaceutical, and bio-chemications such as quantitative analysis, kinetics, Wavelength Scan, Multi-Wavelength, and DNA/Protein analysis. The memory is 32K.

UV-Vis Analyst software Based Microsoft Windows makes these instruments versatile. All instruments provide excellent performance for measurements.

They are divided into in two types : UV-3200S models and stand-alone models.


  • Fixed or variable slits (Bandwidths).
  • Sealed, solvent resistant tactile keypad with alpha-numeric entry for file names and units.
  • Pre-aligned deuterium lamp for easy lamp replacement. The status of the lamps may be monitored.
  • Powerful built-in program or PC Windows based software UV-Vis Analyst including sophisticated utility programs.
  • Data download-to-PC software for stand-alone models (Optional).
  • Real-time clock for date and time stamping of results.
  • Data can be saved by USB memory device directly.
  • In Stand-alone models, all software methods are included as built-in standard; this eliminates the need of software.
  • Online software update via internet.
  • Data can be downloaded.
  • The UV-3200S models come standard with windows based application software UV-Vis Analyst.
Model UV 3200S
Wavelength Range 190-1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 5nm
Optional system Split Beam, Grating 1200 lines/mm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.3nm
Wavelength Repeatability 0.2nm
Scan Speed Hi, MED, LOW, MAX. 3000nm/min
Photometric Accuracy ±0.3%T or ±0.003@1A
Photometric Range 0-200%T, -0.3 - 3A, 0-9999Conc
Stray Light 0.05%T@220nm, 340nm
Stability 0.0008A/h @500nm
Dispaly 5inches LCD (320 x 240 dots)
Baseline Flatness ±0.0015A
Standard Cell Holder Standard 10mm Pathlenth cuvette
Light Source Tungsten & Deuterium lamp (Pre-aligned)
Output USB Type A port for USB memory device (Right side)
USB Type B port for optional computer connectivity (Back)
Parallel port for printer
Power Requirement AC 110/220C 50/60Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 579 x 428 x 198 mm
Weight 20kg

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