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BW Technologies MicroDock II Automatic Test and Calibration Station with GasAlert Extreme Module and 2 Inlets

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BW Technologies
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BW Technologies MicroDock II Automatic Test and Calibration Station with GasAlert Extreme Module and 2 Inlets

BW Technologies MicroDock II Automatic Test and Calibration Station with GasAlert Extreme Module and 2 Inlets


DOCK2-2-1D-00-G MicroDock II Automatic Test and Calibration Station with GasAlert Extreme Module and 2 Inlets by BW Technologies

BW Technologies by Honeywell has a solid reputation for cost effective, safe, and reliable gas detection and calibration systems. Continuing this trend of excellence, BW Technologies has developed the MicroDock II automated instrument docking station. With multi-language support systems, self-containment, and easy portability, the low cost Microdock II is a great choice for automatic tests and calibrations.

Standard features

The MicroDock II is a hands-free automated calibration and testing system designed to monitor the functions and effectiveness of gas monitoring instruments developed by BW Technologies. The easy to use portable MicroDock II is fully expandable, and can accommodate up to 10 docking modules and 6 charging stations. Once connected, the dock automatically verifies the performance of audible and visual alarms and can calibrate gas detection and measurement. Results of calibration tests and performance measures are automatically recorded. The MicroDock II contains a MultiMediaCard data storage system to provide maximum datalogging and record retention.

Low maintenance

The MicroDock II is a fully functional stand alone automatic test and calibration system. Users do not need to be connected to a computer in order to perform calibration and bump tests. However, the system can be connected via an LAN, and the instrument includes BW Fleet Manager II software for quick and easy data analysis. The instruments long lasting batteries and wall adapter increase the lifespand of the instrument. With limited battery and part replacements, users can rest assured that their investment in the MicroDock II is sure to be sound.

Ease of use

The easy to read instrument display screen and bright LED test indicators ensure maximum readability of test results. The screen provides a real-time clock that displays the time and date of the last calibration and the last bump test, and the LED lights provide unmistakable pass or fail test results . The one button command keys is one of the design features that helps to minimize user training requirements and ensure that the instrument is intuitive and easy to function. Adding additional docking modules to the test station is also simple. Users need only to plug-in connections.


For power, the test system can run on a 6 volt wall adapter or a set of 4 C-cell batteries. The MicroDock II is compatible with a variety of BW Technologies gas monitoring systems including the GasAlertQuatro, GasAlertMax XT II, GasAlertMicroClip, GasAlertMicro 5 Series models, GasAlertClip Extreme (2 and 3 year), and GasAlert Extreme. Users may also purchase an optional wall mount for easy storage. Other optional accessories include the Cal gas wall mount, the MicroDock II portable system kit, demand flow regulator, and network USB. BW Technologies by Honeywell provides a standard 2 year warranty for the MicroDock II.

Worksite managers looking for a high quality, reliable, and low cost automated calibration and test system should look no further than the MicroDock II by BW Technologies. With its simple design, intuitive test result display, and easy to use calibration system, the MicroDock II is the best choice for calibration and testing.

Part Number: DOCK221D00G

Size 8.3 x 10.4 x 3.2 in. / 21.2 x 26.3 x 8.2 cm (base station plus one docking module)
Power Supply 6V wall adaptor or four C-cell batteries
Real-time clock Provides time and date stamp for "last calibration" and "last bump test" data
Data Storage Automatic (instrument and base station)
MultiMediaCard data storage system
Communications method Infrared communication between docking module and detector
External interface USB 2.0 interface for PC (USB 2.0 full speed)
Pump DC motor, micro-diaphragm; 6V PCB mount
Flow rate 300 ml/min (typically)
Solenoid Built-in (docking modules)
Calibration gas connections 1/8" SMC connect sub-miniature coupling
2 gas inlets (standard), 5 gas inlets (maximum)
Detector configuration Automatic recognition of instrument and sensors
User-settable with Fleet Manager II software
Command Keys Base station - Menu navigation
Docking module
- One touch bump-test initiation
- One touch calibration intitation
- One touch data transfer (specific products)
LED indicators Yellow "TEST", Green "PASS", Red "FAIL"
Warranty Full 2 year warranty

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