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Crowcon Gasmonitor Plus 24 V 500 W Power Supply 100-260 V AC

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Crowcon Gasmonitor Plus 24 V 500 W Power Supply 100-260 V AC
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Crowcon Gasmonitor Plus 24 V 500 W Power Supply 100-260 V AC

Crowcon Gasmonitor Plus 24 V 500 W Power Supply 100-260 V AC


E01675 Gasmonitor Plus 24 V 500 W Power Supply 100-260 V AC by Crowcon

Gasmonitor Plus is our flexible microprocessor controlled system designed with a modular approach, so you get exactly what you want.

Used throughout the world, both on and offshore, Gasmonitor Plus provides the cost effective solution to your system requirements. Gasmonitor Plus, the gas and fire control system you can trust.

Simple to use

  • Gasmonitor Plus offers flexibility whilst still providing simple operation. All the day to day functions are accessible via push buttons on the front panel.
  • As well as a rolling display, indicating the channel currently monitored, each channel has a bar graph display. This unique bar graph format is ranged to indicate readings below the first alarm setting, providing an instantaneous representation of the gas concentration on every detector.
  • Common alarm LEDs on the display card and individual alarms on the panel only light when a hazard or fault is detected. This means the whole rack status can be checked at a glance.

Flexible architecture

  • Each channel has three levels of alarm as well as a dedicated analogue output, set as 4-20 mA as standard.
  • Optional relay modules can interface to the panel to provide up to a total of 84 output relays per rack. Sixteen of these relays can be configured/voted from a combination of the three levels of alarm per channel.
  • The RS232 digital interface provides connectivity with PC for configuration, monitoring and datalog upload. Each rack is uniquely addressable, making multi-drop architectures possible. This cuts down on configuration and monitoring cabling.

Ground breaking design

  • Gasmonitor Plus is a microprocessor based expandable control system, which can be multiplied to offer unlimited channels and outputs.
  • Its modular construction provides ultimate customisation capacity with minimal wiring.
  • Gasmonitor Plus has industry standard analogue outputs, and the mechanical design is based on 19” Eurorack. This means that the Gasmonitor Plus will integrate fully with existing rack mounted protection systems on site.
  • The alochrome finish and rack screening plates ensure that the Gasmonitor Plus is impervious to radio frequency interferance.

Easy maintenance

  • Gasmonitor Plus has been designed with easy servicing and maintenance in mind.
  • Each channel is inhibited separately so that plant safety is not compromised during maintenance checks.
  • Routine calibration can be achieved from the front panel. The one man calibration feature reduces the service overhead by half.
  • One universal gas card architecture controls all gas detectors. This reduces the spares holding required for Gasmonitor Plus maintenance. Each control card is fitted with its own dedicated micro-controller so it can function independently in the event of a single point failure.
Size 483 x 133 x 294 mm (19.0 x 5.25 x 11.5 ins)
Weight 9.5 kg (21 lbs)
Enclosure material Aluminium alloy
Mounting Rack mounted (3u format)1
Channels 16 per rack
Gas 2 or 3 wire, 4-20 mA (sink or source), or mV bridge
Fire - Smoke detectors, heat detectors and manual call points, up to 20 per loop Maximum of 32 loops per rack (i.e. 16 twin zone fire modules)
Analogue 16 x 4-20mA, max. load 960 Ohms or 1-5 V, min. load 100 Ohms
External audio/visual alarm drive Powered 24 V dc, max load up to 200mA for each alarm level
Type Up to 84 DPCO contacts rated 5 A @ 250 V ac, non-inductive load
Assignment - common Alarm 1, Alarm 2, Alarm 3, Fault
Assignment - per channel Gas alarms 1, 2 & 3, fire & fault
Assignment - voting Up to 16, configurable
Relay modes energised, de-energised & latching, non-latching
Digital Communications
Logging Built-in datalogger - data available via communication links
Panel indication
Channel number 4 lines x 20 characters back-lit LCD display
Gas reading as above plus green LED bar-graph
Measurement units ppm, %LEL, %vol, fire
System fault yellow LED
Alarm indication
Audible-internal sounder •
Visual - alarm 3 individual & 3 common alarms (red LED)
Visual - fault individual & common fault (yellow LED)
Visual - inhibit individual inhibit (yellow LED)
AC mains 100 - 260 V ac 50/60 Hz external
DC 27.6 V dc,
Battery backup External
Remote Accept/Reset •
Lamp test •
Low Voltage Directive Meets BS EN 61010-1
RF immunity Meets EN 50082-1
RF emissions Meets EN 50081-1
Operating Temperature 0 to +50ēC (32 to 122ēF)
0 - 95% non-condensing •

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