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Fieldpiece K-Type Thermocouple - ATB1

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Fieldpiece K-Type Thermocouple - ATB1
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Fieldpiece K-Type Thermocouple - ATB1

Fieldpiece K-Type Thermocouple - ATB1


ATB1 K-Type Thermocouple by Fieldpiece

The ATB1, K-type bead thermocouple is used to take temperatures of air, surfaces, or liquids up to 400F. Using the included Velcro strap allows for easy pipe temperature measurements, though not as accurately as the ATC1 Pipe Clamp Thermocouple. Use the ATB1 for outdoor dry bulb temperatures when finding target superheat. The ATB1 can be used with any of our meters that measure temperature and any thermometer accepting a K-type thermocouple.

The wrap-tab allows the thermocouple wire to conveniently store on the plug. Just wrap the excess wire around the wrap-tab and feed it through one of the eyes. Keep a few of them set at different lengths for fast, job-specific, switching between thermocouples. No more tangled messes in your tool bag.

Accuracy ± 4ºF (2°C) ; ±1°F (0.5°C) after field calibration, 32 to 176ºF (0 to 80°C)
Temperature range -50 to 400ºF (-46 to 204°C)
Thermocouple conductors K-type nickel chromium/nickel aluminum.
Probe insulation Calibration and atmosphere will affect maximum useful temperature in applications. The wire insulation is designed to withstand a maximum continuous use at 400°F (204°C).
Plug K-type thermocouple male mini plug.

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