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GfG G450 Multi Gas Detector, Flashlight Rechargeable Battery with Alkaline Pump, O2, LEL, H2S - G450-11242

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GfG G450 Multi Gas Detector, Flashlight Rechargeable Battery with Alkaline Pump, O2, LEL, H2S - G450-11242

GfG G450 Multi Gas Detector, Flashlight Rechargeable Battery with Alkaline Pump, O2, LEL, H2S - G450-11242



G450-11242 G450 Multi Gas Detector, Flashlight Rechargeable Battery with Alkaline Pump, O2, LEL, H2S by GfG

GfG is one of the industryís leading producers of workplace safety products. Their products are safe, reliable, and customizable. Their state of the art research and development facility produces the most advanced products on the market. Additionally, their dedicated team of safety professionals works to ensure that each product can be equipped with customization tools and modifications to ensure that each product can be optimized to meet the most rigorous workplace safety standards. Introducing the G450 Multi-gas Detector, GfG is continuing its legacy as a safety leader.

G450 Multi-gas Detector

The G450 Multi-gas Detector continually measures up to four separate atmospheric gases. In confined spaces, the detector will monitor LEL combustible gas, oxygen, H2S, and CO. The easy to use G450 series of detectors is designed with user friendliness in mind. Many of its most common functions are operated with a single button, and the unit features a fully automatic calibration system. Users need only to attach the adaptor and flow gas to the sensors. The unitís GfG AutoCal system will automatically initiate the calibration sequence and will update the necessary information on the G450 Multi-gas Detector.

Long Battery Life

The G450 Multi-gas Detector also features a long life battery operation that is most efficient for workplace safety. The device has a batter life of up to 25 hours of continuous operation. With alkaline packs, the units are powered by 2 AA batteries, and when placed in the drop in cradle, the rechargeable battery packs can be fully recharged in less than 4 hours. The rechargeable packs have optional flash light LEDs to indicate charge level.

Triple Alarm System

This unit features an elaborate alarm system that is not to be missed. The triple alarm system features a loud audible alarm of 103dB, a vibrating alarm, and bright 360 wrap around LEDs with a colored backlit display for visual alarms. The alarm system ensures that users and those nearby are fully aware of possible environmental hazards. Additionally, the easy to read backlit display will light varying colors from green, orange, and red to intuitively notify users of the severity of the conditions.


The G450 Multi-gas Detector is encased in a dust proof and highly water resistant housing. The housing even contains a built in rubber boot to help protect from regular wear and tear. Each unit is equipped with datalogging capabilities. The datalogger records and internally stores all activity and environmental conditions. Users can download this information to their computers and use it to research, analyze, and evaluate the jobsite environment.

The multi-gas detection system comes standard with a few accessories including a calibration adaptor, a training manual, and a training DVD. The rechargeable devices include the previous accessories and additional drop in cradle chargers and a wall power adaptor. Optional accessories include a datalogging kit, self powered attachable motorized sample pump, spare battery packs, and rechargeable battery packs. The breadth of available accessories helps to ensure that the G450 Multi-gas Detector can be customized to meet the needs of individual work spaces.

G450 Specifications:
Dimensions 2.95x4.33x2.17 in (75x110x55 mm)
Weight 10 oz (280 g)
Power 2 "AA" batteries or rechargeable NiMH battery pack
Operation time Up to 25 hours
Charge Time 8 hours
Alarms Vibrating: Standard
Audible: 103 db (30 cm)
Visual: Bright, 360o wraparound
LEDs, plus heterochromatic (green / orange / red) backlit display
Housing IP-67 (dust proof and highly water resistant)
Temperature range -4 to +122oF (-20 to +50oC) ambient
Humidity range 5 to 95% r.h. (non-condensing)
Pressure Range 700 to 1,300 hPa
Intrinsic safety c-CSA-us
Class 1, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C, D
Temperature Code T3
Class I, Zone 0: Ex ia IIC T3
EMI / RFI resistance EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
Standard Accessories Charger (if specified)
Calibration Adapter
Informational CD
Optional Accessories Pump, 10 feet of tubing and probe
Datalogging kit
Docking Station
Calibration gas, kits and regulators
Warranty Limited lifetime on instrument and electronics. Three years on all sensors including LEL, O2, CO and H2S.
Datalogging 1,890 intervals (55 hours at 2 minutes). Also stores events, calibration history and other information.

Gases and Ranges
Gases Detection range Resolution Expected sensor lifetime
Carbon monoxide (CO) 0 - 500 ppm 1 ppm 3 years or longer
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) 0 - 100 ppm 0.1 ppm 3 years or longer
Oxygen (O2) 0 - 25 % vol 0.1 %/vol 3 years
LEL 0 - 100 % LEL 0.5 LEL 3 years
CH4 0 - 5 % vo 0.02 %/vo -
Unfiltered LEL - - 2 years

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