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Hanna Chloride Test Kit - HI3815

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Hanna Instruments
Hanna Chloride Test Kit - HI3815


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Hanna Chloride Test Kit - HI3815

Hanna Chloride Test Kit - HI3815



HI3815 Chloride Test Kit by Hanna Instruments

The HANNA chloride test kit is quick, easy to use and portable. The design makes the kit easy to handle and, except for mercuric nitrate solution, practically prevents accidental injury or damage due to spills. The pH is lowered to approximately 3 by addition of nitric acid. Mercuric ions react with chloride ions to form mercuric chloride; when excess mercuric ions is present, it complexes with diphenylcarbazone to form a purple solution. The color change from yellow to purple determines the end point of this titration.

Order Information:

HI 3815 test kit comes with 15 mL diphenyl-carbazone indicator, 30 mL nitric acid solution, 120 mL mercuric nitrate solution, 50 mL calibrated vessel, 10 mL calibrated vessel, calibrated syringe with tip.

Method Titration
Range 0-100 mg/L
0-1000 mg/L
Smallest Increment 1 mg/L
10 mg/L
Chemical Method Mercuric Nitrate
Number of Tests approx. 110
Weight 460 g

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