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Installing Fleet Manager II

Installing Fleet Manager II

Fleet Manager II is required to configure the detector and sensors. And IR Link is also required. To purchase contact JJS Technical Services.

To install Fleet Manager II complete the following:

1. Install Fleet Manager II using the Fleet Manager CD-ROM (available with MicroDock II and the IR Link), or download (at no cost) from JJS Technical Services www.jjstech.com.

2. Follow the installation wizard.

3. When installation is complete, open Fleet Manager II.

4. Click Administration located on the left toolbar.

5. Click the Login/Logout button.

Installing Fleet Manager

6. When the Password dialog box displays, enter Admin (password is case sensitive).

Installing Fleet Manager

7. Click OK.

8. From the Devices toolbar, click Configure Device via IR Link.

Installing Fleet Manager

9. When the Device Selection dialog box displays, select GasAlertMicroClip Series and click OK.

Installing Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager II displays the Sensors tab that includes the following sections:

Using Fleet Manager II to Configure the Detector

Installing Fleet Manager

Table 6: Connecting to the IR Link

Item Description
1 Detector
2 IR and charger interface
3 IR Link

1. Activate the detector and wait for the startup tests to complete.

2. Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the computer.

3. Connect the USB cable to the IR Link.

4. Insert the IR link onto the IR interface on the back of the detector.

5. Open Fleet Manager II and access the Sensors tab. Refer to Installing Fleet Manager II.

6. From the Sensors tab, click Retrieve from Device at the bottom of the window.

The fields will populate with the detector