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BW Technologies GasAlertMicroClip Extreme Detector Combustible (%LEL), Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Black Housing

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BW Technologies
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BW Technologies GasAlertMicroClip Extreme Detector Combustible (%LEL), Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Black Housing

BW Technologies GasAlertMicroClip Extreme Detector Combustible (%LEL), Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Black Housing


Gas Alert Micro Clip XT by BW Technologies

What it does
  • Affordable four gas detection CO, H2S, O2, LEL. Alerts workers to the hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, Combustible Gases, and Oxygen deficiencies and enrichments

  • Low cost
  • Small and Lightweight (4.4 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches and weighs only 6 0unces)
  • Fast recharging time (less than 4 hours)
  • All the necessary alarms for confined space work including Low alarm, high alarm, STEL, TWA
  • Intelliflash feature to alert user to proper functioning
  • Long 10 hour runtime on a single battery charge
  • Can be used with the Sampler Pack for remote sampling of confined spaces
  • Unit Auto Zero's on startup
  • Easy calibration - each calibration lasts for 180 days
  • Includes charger

*If you are in search of a low cost, reliable, and rugged 4 gas instrument then look no further. The Gas Alert Micro Clip XT is perfect for contractors and anyone looking for an instrument that is cost effective and high quality.

Easy to use gas detector

Just charge it up and turn it on. That's all there is to it. The detector's advanced electronics does everything else and insures that the monitor is functioning properly. If a dangerous gas is detected that exceeds OSHA's alarm levels it will notify you with 3 different alarms, Flashing red lights, Loud audible beeping, and vibration so that you are sure to be alerted in a dangerous situation.

Small and Lightweight

The Gas Alert Microclip XT has combined the best designs of consumer electronics with the durability and reliability of an industrial product. The result is an extremely small and lightweight gas detector that is not much larger than a smart phone. Weighing in at less than 6 ounces it is not much heavier than an iPhone. This small size and lightweight design allow you to attach the instrument to your clothing and not feel like you are being weighed down by a heavy and bulky piece of equipment.

How is this version different from the original Gas Alert Micro Clip?

The new Gas Alert Micro Clip XT uses a new Oxygen sensor that much more accurate and stable than the previous generation.

Does this monitor satisfy all of the OSHA requirements for Gas detection in a confined space?

Yes, the Gas Alert Micro Clip XT comes preconfigured to all of the OSHA alarm points including, High and low alarms, STEL (Short term exposure limit), and TWA (Time Weighted average). The instrument will go into high and low alarms instantly as soon as the alarm threshold is exceeded. The STEL and TWA alarms are an average over a set period of time. STEL is an average over 15 minutes and TWA is an average over 8 hours.

Easy to change sensors

Each Gas Alert Micro Clip XT comes with a full 2 year warranty which includes the sensors. Typical lifespan of the sensors is oxygen- 2years, Hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide - 4 years, combustible sensor 4-5 years. If at any time you need to change a sensor the process is quick and easy. Simply remove the four screws on the back of the instrument and then remove the back cover. Next remove the 2 screws holding the main board in place, remove the board and unplug the sensor that you wish to change and simply plug in a new one. It's that simple. The Oxygen sensor is purple (P/N# SR-X10-C1), the H2S Sensor is blue (P/N# SR-H-MC), Co is Red (P/N# SR-M-MC), and LEL is metal (P/N# SR-W-MP75C).


The Gas Alert Micro Clip XT has many accessories available that make it adaptable to any work environment. From carrying accessories to power options and spares, the Gas Alert Micro Clip XT is a versatile detector for the most demanding field environments.

Part Number: MC2XWHMBNA

GasAlertMicroClip XT Specifications:
Size 4.4 x 2.4 x 1.1 in. / 11.3 x 6.0 x 2.9 cm
Weight 6 oz. / 171 g
Temperature -4 to +122F / -20 to +50C
Humidity 0% - 95% RH (non-condensing)
Alarms - Visual, vibrating, audible (95dB)
- Low, High, STEL, TWA, OL (over limit)
Tests Audible/visual alarms on activation, sensors, battery and circuitry (continuous)
Pump Compatible with the Sampler motorized sampling pump
Typical battery life 10 hours (typical); recharges in less than 4 hours
User options Confidence beep, Set STEL interval, Sensor on/off, Latching alarms, Safe display mode, Stealth mode, Calibration lock, Auto zero on start up, O2 auto calibration on start up, Set bump test interval, IntelliFlash interval, Combustible gas measurement (% LEL or % by volume methane), User-settable calibration gas level, Force bump test when overdue, Force calibration when overdue, Low alarm acknowledge, Language choices (five), Set custom start up message
Warranty Full 2 year warranty including all sensors

Sensor Specifications:
Gas Measuring Range Resolution
H2S 0-100 ppm 1 ppm
CO 0-500 ppm 1 ppm
O2 0-30.0% 0.1%
Combustible gases 0-100% LEL
0-5.0% v/v

Questions & Answers

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from Hillsdale, Mi asked:
March 3, 2015
where can I obtain a new charger? cord on my unit is fraying.
1 Answer
We can help with your request. Please see the following JJS web link and you'll be able to add this to your cart and purchase it on line if you'd like to. http://www.jjstech.com/ga-pa-1-na.html Thank you!
Submitted by: Customer Service on March 3, 2015