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Kanomax Handheld Multi-function Micromanometer (0 to +/-2000mBar) with Datalogging- MP200 HP

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Kanomax Handheld Multi-function Micromanometer (0 to +/-2000mBar) with Datalogging- MP200 HP
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Kanomax Handheld Multi-function Micromanometer (0 to +/-2000mBar) with Datalogging- MP200 HP

Kanomax Handheld Multi-function Micromanometer (0 to +/-2000mBar) with Datalogging- MP200 HP

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Kanomax Handheld Micromanometer Model MP200

A manometer is useful for measuring various aspects of pressure in an environment. With a micromanometer, users can obtain ultra accurate and reliable readings at the touch of a button. The handheld Micromanometer model MP200 is the ideal industrial tool for measuring pressure and airflow. It is suitable for applications in HVAC testing, critical environment certification, HEPA filter performance testing, manufacturing process control, and more. This device is rugged, durable, reliable, and very sensitive. It allows for simultaneous measurement of 4 elements. Each reading is displayed on the large display screen.

Micromanometer Model MP200 Features

The device is completely compatible with pitot tube and flow grids. It also simultaneously measures and displays pressure, flow rate, and air velocity. The Micromanometer MP200 has a large easy to read backlit display. The display screen indicates all of the readings simultaneously in an easy to read format. The unit has incredible technology capabilities and can store up to 8000 measurements! With the purchase of optional data processing software, users will also receive PC communication capabilities. The greatest feature of the Micromanometer model MP200 is that it is easy and intuitive to use. This simple compact design is not overwhelmed with complicated features or complex operation protocols. The unit has easy to understand buttons that control the operations and a large LCD screen that displays the information.

Micromanometer Specifications

The Micromanometer measures pressure within the range of -500 to 500 Pa, -2500 to 2500 Pa, and -10000 to 10000 Pa with an accuracy of .2%. Air velocity with pitot tube measurements range 2 to 5 m/s and 5.1 to 10 m/s. Air flow measurements with pitot tube range 0 to 99,9999 m3/h. The instrument uses a USB or RF PC interface. It operates with a power supply of 4 AA alkaline batteries or AC adaptor. The entire unit weighs under a pound.


Kanomax is a global manufacturing and distribution company that was founded over 50 years ago. The company has an incredible history in research, academia, and design. For over 50 years, Kanomax has provided the world with the finest measurement tools on the planet. Recently, the company expanded its global network and is providing even more of its products to an even larger network. Based out of Japan, the company focuses on innovation in design and the latest technology. Its close historical relationship with Kano Laboratories helps Kanomax to propel its research and design into the next century.

Pressure Measurement
-500 to 500 Pa
0.2% or reading (± 100 Pa : ± 0.2% of reading ± 0.8 Pa, beyond ± 0.2% of reading ± 1.5 Pa)
-2500 to 2500 Pa
0.2% or reading (± 2 Pa)
-10000 to 10000 Pa
0.2% or reading (± 10 Pa)
Pa, mmH2O, In WG, mbar, hPa, mmHg, DaPa, kPa
Air Velocity Measurement (with Pitot tube)
2 to 5 m/s
± 0.3 m/s
5.1 to 10 m/s
0.5% of reading ± 0.2 m/s
m/s, ft/min, Km/h, m/h
Airflow Measurement (with Pitot tube)
0 to 99999 m3/h
± 0.2% of reading ± 1% PE
m3/h, cf/min, l/s, m3/s
PC Interface
Data storage up to 8000 measurements
(PC communication with optional data processing software)
Power Supply
4 x AA batteries of AC adapter
0.7 lbs

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