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Casella Tuff 3 Plus Non-IS Pump, Enhanced Battery Pack, No Charger

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Casella Tuff 3 Plus Non-IS Pump, Enhanced Battery Pack, No Charger


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Casella Tuff 3 Plus Non-IS Pump, Enhanced Battery Pack, No Charger

Casella Tuff 3 Plus Non-IS Pump, Enhanced Battery Pack, No Charger



Casella Tuff Personal Sampling Pump

The Casella Tuff Personal Sampling Pumps are made to withstand harsh environmental conditions. With a rugged rubber molding, the pumps are easy to hold, and suitable for a wide variety of applications. From simple abatement monitoring of lead and asbestos to more specialized industrial hygiene applications, the sampling pumps are easy to use and convenient. The pumps also have an easy to read display and high intensity alarm system for fault indication. The pumps also meet EN 1232 and NIOSH 0600 requirements for workplace personal sampling pumps.

Exclusive Features

These sampling pumps are great safety solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. With its rugged rubber exterior and advanced internal technology, Casella loaded the pumps with exclusive features.

  • Efficient battery management with user controls
  • Easy to see replaceable inlet filter
  • User friendly interface and menu
  • High intensity status and fault alarms (LED lights)
  • Advanced programming capabilities for some models
  • High or low flow capabilities

Easy and Convenient

The pumps feature four large glove friendly buttons for easy access to the menu. Its rubber casing is best for a handheld device while protecting the battery and internal circuitry. This rugged exterior makes it suitable for harsh environments. The charging station is an easy drop in device that will fully recharge the unit in less than 5 hours. With its double acting diaphragm pump mechanism, the user has excellent real time flow control and stability across a wide range of sampling media.

Casella Tuff Personal Sampling Pump Specifications

The Personal Sampling Pump has a flow range of 5 milliliters per minute to 4.5 liters per minute, and a storage capacity of 100 runs. The pump has an LCD screen display for graphics and data. It can fully recharge in less than 5 hours. The entire unit weighs less than 480 grams, and it is recommended that it be serviced every 2500 hours. Pumps are configured when ordered via a selection matrix. When ordering, you will choose the product, pump variant, battery, and charger. For further customization, a wide variety of accessories are available including

  • Sampling heads and cyclones
  • Bubblers and impingers and sorbent tubes
  • Cassettes
  • Filter media
  • Tube holders
  • Calibrators
  • Rotameters
  • Batteries, chargers, and cables

Casella CEL, Inc. and IDEAL Industries, Inc.

For over 200 years, Casella CEL Inc. has acted as a global leader in technology and manufacturing. With deep roots in science and history, Casella has propelled its reputation for advancement into the 21st century. Today, Casella is a wholly owned subsidiary of IDEAL Industries, Inc. Together, the companies lead the charge in manufacturing advanced technologies for applications in industrial settings. The IDEAL family of companies strives to provide products with significant value at an even better price.

Flow Range 5 ml /min* to 4.5l /min
(3l /min on Tuff 3 variant)
Flow Control Accuracy Control typical < +/-3% at calibrated point
Inlet Pulsation Ratio <10% @ 2l /min
Runs Stored 100 (Pro Versions Only)
Display 100 x 32 Graphics LCD
Typical Charge Time <5hrs from discharge
Size mm 133 x 87 x 47mm
Weight gm 480g
Service Interval Recommended 2500 hrs
IP Ratings Gasket Sealed Case IP54
Intrinsic Safety Approvals (IECEx, ATEX, FM, ANZEx)
In storage Temperature: -10 to +50ºC
Humidity: 30-95% RH (non condensing)
In operation Temperature: 0 to 45ºC
Humidity: 30-95% RH (non condensing)
Operation Duration @2.0L /min via 25mm GFA filter: >30hrs 2.7Ah / >20hrs 1.7Ah

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