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Pelsue Reverse Winding, No Rope, Hoist Only - PHQRR

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Pelsue Reverse Winding, No Rope, Hoist Only - PHQRR

Pelsue Reverse Winding, No Rope, Hoist Only - PHQRR


PHQRR Reverse Winding, No Rope, Hoist Only by Pelsue

The Pelsue PHQR Series hoist is designed to be a personnel rescue and retrieval device. The PHQR Series hoist shares many of the same qualities and capabilities as a standard PH series hoist but is unique in the fact that the lifting rope is not permanently fixed to the hoist drum. The hoist drum incorporates a rope gripping cleat into which the rescue line can be placed when a retrieval or rescue becomes necessary. This unique feature allows for extremely fast retrieval as there is no need to take up slack in the rescue line as the rope can be gripped at any location along its length. The separation of the rope from the hoist also addressees a safety concern when working in underground manhole vaults that can only be entered roadside where the potential for an out of control vehicle dragging away the retrieval system is possible.

The hoist is available in two model variations: the rope can either be loaded on the underside (Model #PHQR) or topside (Model #PHQRR) of the rope drum. The two variations of hoist have rotations the reverse of each other which in turn places the hoist handle on either the left (Model #PHQR) or right (Model #PHQRR) hand side of the hoist frame. The model #PHQR & #PHQRR do not include rope & hook assemblies, but a wide variety of sub-models are available with varying lengths of rope and differing snap hooks & end fittings. The PHQR series can coil a maximum of 70' of 1/4" synthetic rope. The use of wire rope is not possible on the PHQR series hoist. The PHQR hoist is equipped with a standard Pelsue Quick-Release bracket (#501073-001). Other adapter brackets can be supplied or added upon request.

Detailed Specifications:

Pelsue PHQR Series hoists are designed and tested as Mechanical Retrieval Devices as defined in OSHA 1910.146 & ANSI Z117.1. PHQR Series hoists are approved for use with personnel and are intended to facilitate positioning and rescue / retrieval operations when required.

Load Capacity: 310 LBS. (141 KG) *[Capacity is valid only when there are 4 complete wraps of rope on the drum]
Gear Ratio: 5 to 1

Braking Capabilities:

PHQR hoists are equipped with a long-life friction-brake system that is supplemented by a positive-locking double-pawl arrangement that completely eliminates the risk of "free-wheeling". PHQR hoists are also equipped with a centrifugal "overspeed" brake for redundancy.

Rope Assembly:

3/16" Hi Heat Synthetic "Technora" Rope: Minimum Breaking Strength 5500 LBS. (2494 KG)


PHQR Series (70' of Synthetic Rope) 21-1/2 LBS. (9.8 KG)


  • Quick-Release Bracket allows quick installation & removal from the structure
  • Drum-Mounted Rope Cleat allows the separation of the rope and mechanical device during entry operations.
  • Provides a simple means of lifting / lowering of personnel

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