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RAE Systems AutoRAE 2 Cradle for ToxiRAE Pro - T02-0003-000

RAE Systems AutoRAE 2 Cradle for ToxiRAE Pro - T02-0003-000

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    T02-0003-000 AutoRAE 2 Cradle for ToxiRAE Pro by RAE Systems

    The AutoRAE 2 Automatic Test and Calibration System for RAE Systems portable monitors makes instrument testing and calibration compliance as easy as pressing a button. Simply cradle the monitor, and the system takes care of calibration, testing, and battery recharging.

    The AutoRAE 2 system is flexible and modular, and can be configured to efficiently meet your calibration and records management requirements. An AutoRAE 2 system can be as simple as a single cradle deployed in stand-alone mode to calibrate one instrument at a time, or as powerful as a networked, controller-based system supporting 10 instrument cradles and 5 distinct calibration gases or gas mixtures.

    Key Features

    • Automatic testing, calibration, charging system
    • Deployable as a stand-alone cradle or a controller-based system with up to 10 cradles
    • Controller with a large, color LCD display
    • Networking capability
    • Up to 5 calibration gas cylinders can be connected at the same time
    • Automatic instrument FW update option
    • Instruments datalogging file recorded automatically on controller SD card
    • Bench-top or wall-mounted use
    • Instruments supported: ToxiRAE Pro Series/QRAE3, MicroRAE/MultiRAE Series (except diffusion model)
    • Single Cradle for all Handheld PID, QRAE 3 and ToxiRAE Pro family instruments


    • Oil and Gas
    • Industrial
    • Environmental
    • Fire Service
    • National Security

    Size AutoRAE 2 Controller: 5.63" x 10.43" x 1.73" (143 x 265 x 44 mm)
    Terminal Adapter: 2.17" x 8.86" x 1.65" (55 x 225 x 42 mm)
    ToxiRAE Pro Cradle: 6.50" x 11.61" x 3.91" (165 x 295 x 99 mm)
    MicroRAE Cradle: 11" x 7.08" x 3.93" (280 x 180 x 100 mm)
    QRAE 3 Cradle: 6.50" x 12.60" x 4.65" (165 x 320 x 118 mm)
    MultiRAE Cradle: 6.50" x 12.68" x 4.37" (165 x 322 x 111 mm)
    Handheld PID Cradle: 6.50" x 16.80" x 4.43" (165 x 427 x 126 mm)
    Extended: 6.50" x 20.31" x 4.43 “ (165 x 516 x 126 mm)
    Weight AutoRAE 2 Controller: 1.90 lbs. (0.86 kg)
    Terminal Adapter: 0.33 lbs. (0.15 kg)
    ToxiRAE Pro Cradle: 1.96 lbs. (0.89 kg)
    MicroRAE Cradle: 1.90 lbs. (0.86 kg)
    QRAE 3 cradle: 2.16lbs. (0.98 kg)
    MultiRAE Cradle: 1.90 lbs. (0.86 kg)
    Handheld PID cradle: 2.79 lbs. (1.27 kg)
    Power Supply AutoRAE 2 Controller: AC adapter (110V to 240V input, 12V output, 7.5A) Charges up to 10 instruments at a time
    Cradles: AC adapter (110V to 240V input, 12V, 1.25A output) Charges one instrument at a time
    Cradles Supported AutoRAE 2 Controller: Up to 10 cradles total (any mix, any order)
    Cradles: No additional cradles supported
    Display AutoRAE 2 Controller: 5.7" TFT (320 x 240) graphical backlit color LCD
    Cradles: 2 seven-segment LEDs
    Buttons AutoRAE 2 Controller: 3 buttons ([Mode], [Y/+], and [N/-])
    Cradles: 2 buttons ([Bump] and [Cal])
    Real-time Clock AutoRAE 2 Controller: Yes
    Cradles: Yes
    Visual Alarm/Indicators AutoRAE 2 Controller: Color graphical LCD display
    Cradles: Tri-color (red/green/yellow) LED lights
    Audible Alarm AutoRAE 2 Controller: 90dB @ 12" (30 cm)
    Cradles: Same as above
    Gas Inlet/Outlet Ports AutoRAE 2 Controller: 6 inlets (1 dedicated fresh air inlet and 5 configurable calibration gas inlets); 1 exhaust port
    Cradles: 3 inlets (1 dedicated fresh air inlet and 2 configurable calibration gas inlets); 1 exhaust port
    Gas Port Connectors AutoRAE 2 Controller: Connectors with 200-series barbs, 1/8" (3.18 mm) ID tubing
    Cradles: Same as above
    Gas Regulator AutoRAE 2 Controller: Demand-flow regulator (0 to 1,000 psig/70 bar)
    Cradles: Same as above
    Pump Flow Rate AutoRAE 2 Controller: Built-in pump (500 ml/min)
    Cradles: NA for pumped instruments, (400 ml/min typical) for diffusion instruments
    Data Storage AutoRAE 2 Controller: Standard 2 GB SD card with security lock
    Cradles: None. Data stored only on PC
    PC Communications AutoRAE 2 Controller: USB (Type B) port for direct connection to PC
    Cradles: Same as above
    Networking AutoRAE 2 Controller: Direct cable (RJ-45 10/100 Base T port) Wi-Fi module (accessory)
    Cradles: Not supported
    System Configuration AutoRAE 2 Controller: PC-based configuration via ProRAE Studio II software. Can be performed using networking capability
    Cradles: PC-based configuration via ProRAE Studio II software
    Wall-mounting Accessory AutoRAE 2 Controller: Standard TS35 DIN rail
    Cradles: Standard TS35 DIN rail
    Operating Temperature AutoRAE 2 Controller: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
    Cradles: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
    Operating Humidity AutoRAE 2 Controller: 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
    Cradles: 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
    Languages AutoRAE 2 Controller: English
    Cradles: English
    Compliance AutoRAE 2 Controller: CE
    Cradles: CE
    Warranty AutoRAE 2 Controller: 2-year limited warranty
    Cradles: 2-year limited warranty

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