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BW Technologies Rig Rat III Gas Detector (Non-Wireless Version)

BW Technologies Rig Rat III Gas Detector (Non-Wireless Version)

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    RR-3000S Rig Rat III Gas Detector (Non-Wireless Version) by BW Technologies

    BW Technologies understands that a-one-size-fits-all model of gas detection systems may not meet the needs of every industry. With the breadth of industries needing gas detection systems, it is only right that gas detection systems be versatile, customizable, and affordable. After years of research and development, BW Technologies presents a breakthrough in gas detection systems. The Rig Rat III is the finest fully customizable, portable, stand alone gas detection system in the world.


    From drilling rigs to refineries and chemical plants to loading docks, the versatility of the gas detection system is nearly endless. The unique design allows for monitoring the perimeter of a worksite (including large worksites) and is provides the portability necessary for mobile worksites. In fact, the Rig Rat III is the only mobile, stand alone, multi-point gas detection system in the world.

    The modular design allows worksites to customize the Rig Rat III wireless multipoint gas detector with sensors to meet their individual needs. The unit features plug-in ports for all unit features and field interfaces. This allows the unit to be completely flexible and versatile to meet the needs of the wide variety of industries applying the monitoring system.

    A wide variety of antennas are also available for signal transmission.


    The unit features 2-way real time communication for encoded digital signals up to 3 kilometers. The unit also features 3 power modes: battery, solar, and line-capable. This provides two additional back-up power solutions to help ensure onsite performance. The stand alone system also helps to reduce installation costs by 75% by eliminating powering conduit and associated expenses.

    The stand alone gas detection system features 2 sensor ports with plug-in sensor cables with a range of up to 250 feet. These remote sensors are color coded and zero maintenance for easy installation.

    In the event of alarm activation and hazardous gas detection, the Rig Rat III gas detector activates the red alarm LED indicators, "DANGER" flashes across the display, the audible alarm is activated at approximately 85 decibels, the alarm port options activate, and the LCD readout displays the concentration of gas present. Users can customize the alarm feature to activate at high or low alarm levels. In addition to dangerous atmospheric conditions, the alarms also activate when a sensor is missing or damaged, a battery is low, or when communication is lost.

    The durable stainless steel Rig Rat III wireless independent receiver controllers with remote plug-in options are the main communication hub for the Rig Rat III gas detection system. The controller provides alarm information and gas readings for 8 or less distant sensors up to 3 kilometers away. The controller is in constant communication with the remote sensors and detectors providing real-time atmospheric information and notifications. The wireless controllers also allow for optional plug-in modules to further customize the Rig Rat III gas detection system.

    User friendly

    Despite its versatile and customizable design, BW Technologies developed the Rig Rat III to be completely user friendly. With push-button interfaces, multiple unmistakable alarms, security keys, and easy to read LCD displays, the Rig Rat III multipoint wireless gas detection system is a breakthrough in standalone system simplicity.

    Customizable options

    The Rig Rat III wireless multi-point gas detection system is customizable with numerous accessories and options. With limitless application possibilities, the Rig Rat III is fully customizable with various maintenance-free remote gas sensors, remote gas sensor cables, three power choices (battery, solar, VAC line chargers), data collection, audio and visual alarm options, relays, and mounting kits.

    Part Number: RR3000S

    System Specifications:
    SYSTEM: Modular Multi-Point Wireless Gas Detection System
    Signal Transmission: 2.4 GHz licence free, ISM band spread-spectrum RF transceiver. User-settable discrete codes.
    Distance: Up to 1.8 mi. / 3 km, depending upon antenna configuration
    GAS DETECTOR: Independent Rig Rat III detector with radio transceiver
    Power: 12 volt, 3.4 amp hr. rechargeable battery
    Battery Life: Up to 30 days, without active recharge (dependent on sensors)
    Recharge: Via solar power; line (24 VDC direct, 110/230 VAC) or bench chargers
    ALARMS: Clearly advises alarm levels both audibly and visually
    Visual Alarms: Large, red flashing light
    LCD: alarm level present, sensor affected and alarm type
    Audible Alarm: Oscillating 85 dB at 3 ft. / 1 m (typical)
    Gas Alarm Levels: Two per sensor (LOW, HIGH) with field-settable setpoints
    Other Alarms: Fault advises missing sensor, damaged cable and/or low battery alarm
    LCD DISPLAYS: Two continuous, alphanumeric gas readouts and status displays:
    Gas ppm or %: Simultaneously and continuously displays gas concentration(s) present
    Status Indicators Advise: Transmitter status, battery level, sensor fault, alarm level setpoints
    CONTROLS: Three:
    1. Power ON/OFF
    2. Transmitter (XMTR) DISABLE
    3. Transmission TEST
    PORTS: Two sensor ports; two option ports; charger port; TNC antenna port
    SECURITY: Keylock access to control panel
    GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: 14 gauge stainless steel, NEMA 4, RFI/EMI shielded
    Humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
    Size: 8.46 x 11.26 x 4.53 in. / 21.49 x 28.6 x 11.51 cm
    Weight: 11 lb. 6 oz. / 5.15 kg
    GAS SENSORS: Remote interchangeable plug-in units
    Type: Combustibles: catalytic bead; toxics and oxygen: electrochemical
    Powered: By the detector
    Humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
    Temperature Range: Combustibles: -40 to +50 C / -40 to +122 F
    Hydrogen Sulfide: -40 to +50 C / -40 to +122 F
    NH3, Cl2, HCl, ClO2, O3: -20 to +40 C / -4 to +104 F
    Other toxics and oxygen: -20 to +50 C / -4 to +122 F
    Physical: Toxic/O2: stainless steel, NEMA 4
    Combustible: maintenance-free, encapsulated, NEMA 4
    Warranty: 2 years, including all sensors (except NH3 and PH3- 1 year)

    Gas Monitoring Specifications:
    Gas Monitoring Specifications LCD Increments Standard Measuring Ranges Available
    Units #=1 #=2 #=3 #=4 #=5 #=6
    Combustibles (encapsulated) 1 % LEL % 0-100          
    Hydrogen Sulfide 1 ppm ppm 0-100 0-50 0-500 0-20    
    Sulfur Dioxide 1 ppm ppm 0-100   0-20 0-10    
    Ammonia 1 ppm ppm 0-50 0-100        
    Carbon Monoxide 1 ppm ppm 0-500          
    Chlorine 0.1 ppm ppm 0-5.0 0-10.0        
    Oxygen 0.1% %v/v 0-25.0% 0-30.0%        
    Other Gases Contact BW Technologies

    Controllers Specifications:
    CONTROLLERS: Standard controller (RR-3C04) for up to 4 Rig Rat III detectors
    Signal Output: MODBUS (RS-485) -optional
    Signal Input: Discretely coded radio signals from each detector
    Power: 110 VAC; 230 VAC (selectable)
    Battery Backup: Two 12 VDC rechargeable batteries (normal operation: up to 4 hrs.)
    Visual: LCD displays alarm level present, sensor affected and alarm type
    Audible: 85 dB at 3 ft. / 1 m (typical)
    ALARM RELAY OUTPUTS: Four (4) SPDT relays; 10 amp @ 110 VAC/24 VDC, 8 amp @ 230 VAC
    INDICATORS: LEDs (four / channel): 2 alarm indicators, 1 fault, 1 channel enable
    CONTROLS: One ON/OFF switch; one ENABLE/DISABLE switch per channel and one momentary reset/test switch
    Antenna port: TNC (reverse polarity)
    Alarm bar port: 12 VDC output per channel
    External relay port: Alarm specific relay option
    Common relay port: Low, high and fault (latching configurable)
    Humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
    Enclosure: Self-contained 14 gauge stainless steel with mounting flanges, NEMA/Type 4
    Physical: 14.95 x 11.16 x 5.15 in. / 37.97 x 28.35 x 13.08 cm; weight 21 lb. / 9.53 kg

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