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Sensorex B125 ORP Calibration Kit

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Sensorex B125 ORP Calibration Kit
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B125 ORP Calibration Kit by Sensorex

The B125 ORP Calibration kit can be used for a simple calibration of both pH and ORP sensors. Use this kit for pH calibration, then convert the pH buffers into stable ORP buffers by saturating with quinhydrone. The B125 ORP calibration kit is a complete, ready-to-use package and can be used for up to 30 calibrations.


  • Simple calibration of pH and ORP simultaneously
  • Fast response time
  • Mix and prepare the calibration buffers in seconds
  • Instantly ready for use and ships with plastic beakers and stirring sticks
  • One year shelf life guaranteed
Range: 92 +/- 10 mV (pH 7.00 + quinhydrone), 267 +/- 13 mV (pH 4.01 + quinhydrone) @ 25°C
Shelf Life: One year

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