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Sensorex CAL-C110 pH & ORP Simulator

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CAL-C110 pH & ORP Simulator by Sensorex

The C110 pH/mV checker simulator is a millivolt source that can be used to calibrate or check the calibration of a pH or ORP (mV) meter. It also serves as a troubleshooting toll when pH or ORP systems fail. For troubleshooting, the electrode is removed and the simulator is connected in its place. The C110 sends a signal to the meter to verify the performance of the meter. Signals of pH4, pH7 and pH10 are available, as well as +/-700mV for ORP. A properly working meter (by process of elimination) indicates that the electrode may be the cause of the failure.


  • An essential tool for troubleshooting pH and ORP systems
  • Compatible with most pH and ORP systems using BNC connectors
  • Simulate high impedance loads
  • Instantly ready for use and includes 9V battery
  • One year limited warranty
pH Measurement Outputs 4.00pH, 7.00pH, and 10.00pH (with & without high impedance load)
ORP Measurement Outputs +/- 700mV
Temperature Range 0-40°C
Impedance Load 1000MΩ, when applied
Cable BNC to BNC cable included; additional custom interconnects available
Power Requirements one 9V battery included
Warranty One year limited warranty

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