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Sensorex pH Sensor, Flat, CPVC, Submersion - S650CD

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Sensorex pH Sensor, Flat, CPVC, Submersion - S650CD
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Sensorex pH Sensor, Flat, CPVC, Submersion - S650CD

Sensorex pH Sensor, Flat, CPVC, Submersion - S650CD


S650CD pH Sensor, Flat, CPVC, Submersion by Sensorex

The submersion pH and ORP electrodes from Sensorex are designed for measurements in tanks, flumes and sewer lines. Submersion designs are are also well suited for applications with high suspended solids or where flocculation operations require low velocities or in tanks with high agitation.

Where low velocities are present and coating is a problem, the electrode can be mounted at a 45 degree angle facing into the flow so as to obtain increased scrubbing action across the measuring surface.

The cartridge quick disconnect design makes changing electrodes a snap and minimizes down time due to electrode maintenance.

Model S651CD offers pH glass protection feature and the extra performance of acrylamide reference gel.

  • Quick Disconnect Design Saves Time and Money
  • Installs in Seconds, No Tools Needed
  • Flat Surface Design Resists Coating
  • CPVC or PVDF Models Available
  • Available with or without ATC Elements
Range: 0-14pH (0-12pH without Na+ error) +/- 2000mV for ORP
Body material: CPVC (models ending with "CD") or PVDF (models ending with "KD")
Reference material: HDPE for CPVC, POROUS PVDF FOR PVDF
pH membrane: pH glass
ORP material: platinum or gold ("-AU" models)
Min Temperature: 10C/50F (for fast response time)
Max Temperature: 75C/167F = 100 psig
80C/176F = 85 psig
85C/185F = 50 psig
Pressure: 0-100 psig (7.5 Bar)- see max temp
Reference Type: Double Junction

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