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Sensorex pH Sensor, Glass, 9.5mm, Calomel Free - SG300CIT

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Sensorex pH Sensor, Glass, 9.5mm, Calomel Free - SG300CIT
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Sensorex pH Sensor, Glass, 9.5mm, Calomel Free - SG300CIT

Sensorex pH Sensor, Glass, 9.5mm, Calomel Free - SG300CIT


SG300CIT pH Sensor, Glass, 9.5mm, Calomel Free by Sensorex

Calomel Free pH electrodes!

The performance of a Calomel electrode is now available without the hazardous Mercury associated with the design. The "Calomel Free" design features an Ag/AgCl based double junction reference with a unique silver ion trap acting as a third junction to impede any silver ion contact with the sample. Reference output is adjusted to deliver the same output as a Calomel electrode using a silver chloride reference.

Glass or Plastic Body Electrodes!

Traditionally, pH electrodes have been made of all glass construction. However, today's thermoplastics are able to construct pH electrodes with durable and chemically resistant bodies to reduce any breakage. The protected design of the plastic body electrode extends over the measuring surface, making the pH glass bulb virtually unbreakable.

Sealed vs. Refillable Reference!

Both sealed and refillable styles are available. Sealed references are gel-filled and maintenance free while refillable designs extend electrode life by having a refillable reference electrolyte.


  • Fast Response...No Silver Ion Contamination
  • Use in Place of Calomel pH and Reference Electrodes
  • Combination Triple Junction Design
  • Uses No Hazardous Calomel Based Material (MERCURYFREE!)/RoHS compliant
  • Sealed and Refillable Models
  • Glass and Epoxy Body Models
pH Range 0-14 (Na+ error >12.3 pH)
Speed of Response 95% in 1 second
Isopotential Point pH 7.00 (0 mV)
Offset +/- 0.20 pH
Span 97% or higher
Temperature Range 0 - 60 Degrees C
Cable Length 30" (0.76 m)
Connectors BNC for combination ("CIT"), 2mm pin for reference ("RIT")

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