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Gas Clip Technologies SGC-O Single Gas Clip Plus Detector with Hibernate Mode, Oxygen (O2), Orange

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Gas Clip Technologies
Gas Clip Technologies SGC-O Single Gas Clip Plus Detector with Hibernate Mode, Oxygen (O2), Orange
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Gas Clip Technologies SGC-O Single Gas Clip Plus Detector with Hibernate Mode, Oxygen (O2), Orange

Gas Clip Technologies SGC-O Single Gas Clip Plus Detector with Hibernate Mode, Oxygen (O2), Orange


Single Gas Clip Plus

GGas Clip Technologies recently released their Single Gas Clip Plus. The Single Gas Clip Plus is the first and only portable handheld gas detection that comes standard with a hibernate mode. The hibernate mode is one of the latest advancements in personal monitoring technology designed to provide more convenient and cost efficient features for every day customers.

Exclusive Single Gas Clip Plus Features

The Single Gas Clip Plus can do it all. With the customer in mind, Gas Clip Technologies designed these features to save customers precious time and money. Some of these features include:

  • Exclusive hibernate mode
  • Status quo gas reading capabilities
  • Adjustable alarm specifications
  • A batter capacity that is 50% larger than competitors
  • Two-way infrared communication for downloads, bump test, configurations, and updates
  • Programmable 6 digit identification codes
  • Bump check reminders
  • Bump check and calibration confirmation and identification
  • Docking capabilities

Hibernation and Extended Life

The hibernate mode of the Single Gas Clip Plus is one of the newest feature for this line of products. Gas Clip Technologies incorporated the feedback from its customers, and realized that customers needed a way to place their gas monitors in a rested state when not in use. Simply activate hibernate mode by syncing the unit with the infrared link or inserting the unit in the Clip Dock docking station. Because the unit hibernates and becomes inactive users can extend the life of their battery and their unit.

Cost Savings

With the extended life comes cost savings. With the Single Gas Clip Plus, users can extend the life of their monitor, and reduce the need to purchase replacement units. In the end, users will only pay for the time that is spent with the unit actually in use. Compare this to other models where the clip cannot hibernate. If the monitor only has a specified lifespan, the unit will reach that lifespan regardless of whether it is in use. Fortunately, the Single Gas Clip Plus does not operate this way. Users pay only for the time that they are actually using the clip.

Single Gas Clip Plus Specifications

The Gas Clip Plus is a handheld device with compact dimensions (3.37 x 1.97 x 1.95 inches) and is lightweight (2.7 ounces). The gas clip can operate in a wide range of temperature and relative humidity. The unit also features a triple alarm system with bright visual alarms, an ultra loud audio alarm of 95 decibels, and a vibrating alarm. The triple alarm system helps to ensure that the user and those nearby are properly notified of the potentially hazardous conditions regardless of their surroundings. The device has an operational life of two years and has comes available with a standard warranty.

Gas Clip Technologies

Gas Clip Technologies was founded by the industry’s most experienced professionals. Their goal is to provide the world with zero maintenance gas detection systems that are reliable and customizable for any workplace need.

Size 3.3” H × 2.0” W × 1.1” D
(85 mm H × 50 mm W × 28 mm D)
Weight 2.7 oz. (76 g)
Temperature H2S: -40°C to +50°C/ -40°F to +122°F
CO: -40°C to +50°C/ -40°F to +122°F
O2: -35°C to +50°C/ -58°F to +122°F
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing relative humidity
Alarms Visual, Vibrating and Audible (minimum 95 db)
Tests Full function self-test on activation and every 20 hours; continuous automatic battery and sensor tests
Ratings IP 67/ Complies with EMC directives 89/336/EEC
Certifications UL 913 and CSA-22.2 No 157 Class 1 Division 1&2 Groups A, B, C and D; ATEX: II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4; IECEX: Ex ia IIC T4
Warranty 3 years from activation or 24 months of operational life (whichever occurs first); 1 year shelf life
Measuring Range H2S: 0-100 (Low alarm limit: 10 ppm; High alarm limit: 15 ppm)
CO: 0-300 ppm (Low alarm limit: 35 ppm; High alarm limit: 200 ppm)
O2: 0-30% (volume) (Low alarm limit: 19.5%; High alarm limit: 23.5%)

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