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Quantrol Dual-channel Flourometer, PTSA/Conductivity - SP-400

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Quantrol Dual-channel Flourometer, PTSA/Conductivity - SP-400
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Quantrol Dual-channel Flourometer, PTSA/Conductivity - SP-400

Quantrol Dual-channel Flourometer, PTSA/Conductivity - SP-400


SP-400 Dual-channel Flourometer, PTSA/Conductivity by Quantrol

Pyxis SP-300 series fluorometers measure the concentration of a fluorescent substance in a liquid sample. These fluorometers have a built-in sample cell and samples can be directly filled into the sample cell. SP-380, SP-395, and SP-400 are dual channel fluorometers. SP-380 measures PTSA and fluorescein. SP-395 measures halogenated azoles and naphthenic disulfonic acid (NDSA).

SP-400 measures PTSA (1,3,6,8-pyrenetetrasulfonic acid) and conductivity with patent pending technology to combine cutting edge optical measurement with electrochemical measurement in the same sample cell.

Major features of these fluorometers include:

  • Extra color and turbidity parameters measured are used for automatic compensation to eliminate interference.
  • No sample cuvette is needed and variations associated with the cuvette is eliminated.
  • Large color graphic screen that can be read in direct sunlight.
Battery 9V alkaline battery
Typical Battery Life 3,200 readings (480mAh battery)
Display TFT-LCD, visible under direct sunshine
Dimension L 160 W74 H33 (mm)
Weight 295g without battery
Temperature Range 40~106 °F (4 ~41°C)
Measurement cycle 15-999 min (adjustable)
Humidity 85% at 106°F (41°C)
Environmental IP67, dustproof and water proof
Regulation CE

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